Congratulations to the 2021 Clerkson Award winner Chantal Wolf!


“To be recognized in this way means a lovely opportunity to share my art and my passion for the creative process with more people. And hopefully to inspire some, along the way…or at least spread some beauty and joy.”

Heading North 40×30″ acrylic on canvas, NFS


Take Four
30×40″ acrylic on canvas

An Expanded Horizon
24×30″ acrylic on canvas

Rearranging the rules
20×24″ mixed media on canvas

Abundant Treasures
36×30″acrylic on canvas

Natalya Garrod 

Windswept Pine, Pencil on Paper Print

Northern River Rethought 
Pencil on Paper Print

Turkey Tails in Komoka
Pencil on Paper Print

Metcalfe Rock Veins
Pencil on Paper Print

Elora in the Spring
Acrylic on canvas

John Cardillo Jr.

Together Alone, 35 mm, $200

The Place Where
Dreams Go
35mm film

35mm film


Joie de vivre
35mm film

Jocelyn Johnson

Uprooted retribution
Oil & Acrylics

Have you seen my earring?

Barren earth, pregnant mother

Andrew Aviste

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas

The Fall
Oil on canvas

This impactful award wouldn’t happen without community support.

David and Paula Conning, owners of Clerkson’s Home Store and the namesake of the award, are strong supporters of the arts. They are continuing the emerging artist award that was created in Murray Clerkson’s name through a donation from his estate. Thank you David & Paula!

The prestigious Murray Clerkson Award celebrates the accomplishments of an outstanding, local, emerging, visual artist who demonstrated potential for significant contribution to the arts. It is given to an individual who has shown courage and determination in becoming an artist.