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Paula Stellato

Painting - Oil

Paula grew up in Toronto, spending summers in Wasaga Beach surrounded by family. She began drawing and painting from a young age, following in her father’s footsteps. Paula has studied art at various art institutions in Toronto and Florence, Italy. She has worked in oils, acrylics, watercolours, and egg tempera. She still divides her time between Toronto and the Wasaga Beach area and is always on the lookout for colourful drama in the beauty around us. Paula’s paintings have been chosen to be presented as banners for the Collingwood Art on the Street Project.

Laura Steels Hitchcock

Coloured POencil

Laura grew up on the south shore of Montreal in Mont St Hilaire. She attended McGill University for science and nursing. Growing up she spent hours drawing but never did any formal training. Her mother is an artist so there was always paint and art supplies around. She painted in her 20’s doing children’s illustrations. After a 20-year hiatus of raising kids, Laura participated in Inktober 2017, she completed all 31 days and just never stopped after that. Laura lives on a 100-acre farm on Georgian bay in Meaford and works as a professional gardener when she is not in her studio.
Laura works in both Pen and Ink and in Coloured Pencil. She loves to capture details and tries to bring out an emotion in each piece. Laura is passionate about the environment and all the wonders it holds. Creating these portraits is a way to highlight the emotion and value these flora and fauna bring to the world and why it is important to preserve their habitats.

Julie Nolan


As an artist with a unique and personal style, she uses acrylic mediums to convey emotions and spark memories through her subject matter. She predominantly explores landscapes and built form around Collingwood, Lake Huron, Georgian Bay, and Ontario Provincial Parks. Her painting style blurs the lines between impressionism and realism, with colours and brush strokes that transport you within the scenic beauty of your memories and dreams. Her personality and style make her a highly sought after artist.

Lisa McStay

Acrylic, mixed media

Originally from Australia, Lisa exchanged coastal beaches for the idyllic Blue Mountains where she now happily calls home. She’s always had a deep appreciation for the raw beauty of nature, but here Lisa can explore, experience and savor the magic found in her natural surroundings all year round.

Mostly using acrylic and mixed media, Lisa’s abstract and representational works reflect her inspirations from nature, its elements and our connection to it, fusing Australian vibrancy with Canadian tranquility.

Katerina Pravda

Oil on canvas, ink on paper, mixed media

Creating predominantly in rich inks, mixed media, and luxurious oil paint, Katerina’s artistic inclinations bow to the graceful intermingling of endangered species, elegant people, and their ever-changing environment. She is driven by her undeniable passion for endangered species conservation, environmental protection, and the deep need for the ethical treatment of animals.

Her artistry is celebrated for her bold use of colour and line, and innovative approach in showcasing the glorious species of this earth as they become one with the human form. The results are a memorable impression of an unusual harmony, one that exhibits calmness and sophistication, captivating the viewer, in a formidable approach to expressing love, respect, and unity for these breathtaking beings through the birth of a new surrealistic style.

Katerina Pravda is the recipient of the 2015 Murray Jacob Clerkson Award, and has exhibited extensively in Canada and abroad, having been highlighted in many magazines and publications. She is currently working on expanding her “Darlings Collection,” to prepare for several national and international exhibits. Sign up to her special Art Collectors Newsletter for exclusive previews of her newest pieces as well as invitations to exhibitions and events by visiting her website at She welcomes you to her world of beautiful artistry and animal conservation!

Aaron Eckersley-Kates

Acrylic, watercolour, gouache, pen and ink, digital

Born August 29th, 1995, Aaron Eckersley-Kates (otherwise addressed as Aaron E. Kates) grew up with a passion for animals, illustrating, and storytelling. Some of his biggest influences include Tony DiTerlizzi (American author and illustrator; best known for collaborating with Holly Black for "The Spiderwick Chronicles"), Aaron Blaise (former Disney animator; best known for "Beauty and the Beast", "The Lion King", and "Brother Bear"), and Maurice Sendak (American author and illustrator; best known for "Where the Wild Things Are" and collaborating with Else Holmelund Minarik for "Little Bear"). While largely self taught, he took art classes during high school. As a novice artist, Aaron started largely with pen and ink, in recent years he expanded to acrylic, gouache, and digital art.

Stephen Bridgett


Stephen is a self taught photography living in Wasaga Beach Ontario

Eden Watt

Photography, Fluid Art (acrylic paint & resin), Muralist

Eden loves to capture the beauty and mystery of our world in landscapes, wildlife and macro photography. She also works with mixed mediums incorporating photographic artifacts, resin, encaustic wax, dried organics, as well as cyanotypes and fluid art into her pieces. Her photography is available, in limited release, on large-scale acrylic glass, canvas, and alupanels, as well as in wearable art scarves.

Jamila Monahan

Potter /Ceramicist

About the Potter
Each piece of custom Stoneware is hand crafted and finished by me, Jamila Monahan, at my homestead in the beautiful rolling hills of Glen Huron, ON.

My small batch, wheel thrown pottery is inspired by the beauty of the natural world around me and a simple Scandinavian aesthetic . Our honey bees, free range hens, organic gardens, local orchards and ever changing seasons constantly inspire my work and ignites my passion to create anew.

No two pieces of pottery are alike. Although sets may be similar dimensionally. This is the making of true, artisanal, handcrafted work.

This Stoneware is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, and made to last for generations. (Removal of wooden or leather hardware is recommended before washing, if applicable).

Due to the intensive firing processes of this art form, the clay has been transformed back into stone and the glaze has essentially been melted into glass. Nothing tastes better than when eaten from natural pottery and wine or beverages take on a whole new level of complexity.

Each piece is lovingly handled and artistically refined dozens of times by me, over many weeks, before it is considered 'finished'. Over a 6-8 week period, I take the clay through many stages of transformation and refinement; wedging, forming, drying, trimming, handle application, more drying, sanding, bisque firing, glazing and finally a firing of up to 2269°F, where water and earth have now been woven into functional pottery.

I sincerely hope that you too enjoy each piece of this custom small batch stoneware as much as I have enjoyed making it for you!

Bruce Bushey

Acrylic Paints

Bruce became interested in painting at an early age when he received his first oil set as a Christmas present.

He was fortunate enough to study under the tutelage of Toronto artist Martin Grove at York University

Bruce, in 2006, was invited...along with Robert Bateman and 140 other wildlife artists across participate in a project to create a large mural (16' x 24') for the CPAWS organization...which saves wilderness lands. We each received a panel upon which we painted our was sold through an online create the mural.

In 2008 Bruce was again invited to join a world wide group of wildlife artists from Argentina, Australia, England, Finland, France, etc. ... to create a mural (22' x 18') entitled "Le Cadeau du Cheval".

Bruce uses acrylic paint for his wildlife and pets and brilliant landscapes. He has works hanging in private collections across Canada, The United States and Europe.

Bruce does commissioned work as well as producing his own original pieces.

Shandelle Page McCurdie

acrylic on canvas, murals

Shandelle is an artist, muralist, and creative facilitator living near the water in Wasaga Beach, ON. She deeply admires colour, connecting with her community through art, and the transformative power of paint.

Victoria Huntley

Stained Glass on Live Edge Wood, Oil and Acrylic

Victoria D. Huntley

I was born in the Philippines. I attended university and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in
Economics. I worked for a large international shipping company, as secretary to the president of the
company. I immigrated to Canada in 1997 and have worked as a Customer Service Coordinator for a
Canadian Licensee for a large Canadian brand. In 2006 I moved to a community on the south shore of
Georgian Bay. Here, I live in a setting that is ideal for a landscape painter.

In 2012 I was able to spend a few winter months in California, that was when I started painting. Although
I am largely a self taught artist, I have taken courses from some internationally recognized artists. I am a
landscape artist and the medium I use is oil. The paintings I create are largely based on my photographs.
I enjoy the entire process from observing the landscape, to taking photos, to perceiving the composition
and transforming it with brush strokes to become a piece of art. I have been told I have a good eye for
colour. My use of bold colours has been the feature that has drawn the most favourable comments from
patrons of galleries where my paintings have been exhibited. Each painting I create requires dedication
and hard work. I like facing challenges and the feeling of satisfaction I get by overcoming obstacles in my path.

In 2019 I embarked on a new art form that I long dreamed of; stained glass art. Since then I have been
created a number of pieces of stained glass art on live edge wood and received very favourable
comments from galleries, artists and the general public..

Tracey is a proud resident of Collingwood where she regularly admires the flower gardens around town. Using an airdry clay, Tracey exquisitely forms realistic looking petals, buds, blooms, and leaves. A Floral Artist/Instructor with The DecoClay Academy (Hawaii), her creative floral work has been published, showcased, auctioned, and admired by collectors since 2008.

Debbie Bullock

Fused Glass Beach Waves

Having recently retired I had the desire to nurture my creative side! I fell in love with the Beach Wave and knew that I needed to learn how to make them. Thankfully I found a studio in Florida for making my creations and the waves just keep on coming!! If you love water, you probably have very fond memories of jumping over or diving into waves. Every wave is unique and can be customized to suit the colours of your decor. I hope that you will find a special spot in your home or cottage that can highlight one of my beach waves! Enjoy! Instagram - @beachwaveglassart

Susan Sellers has had a drive to create since childhood. She began quilting in 2000 and hasn’t looked back. She keeps her mind firmly open to new techniques and materials. A love of colour guides the exploration, with fabric as the medium of expression. To allow inspiration to come from the subject, her style ranges from representational to abstract.

Geoff Taylor

Story Teller

Geoff's stories have been staged by Gaslight Theatre and published in On the Bay magazine. Some of them are true. His novel "Tom Thomson's Last Bonfire", has inspired three musical productions. He and his wife Sally are often found at the Collingwood Curling Club.

Amanda Sochan


Living in Toronto most of my life, I found myself wanting to move closer to nature. Recently my husband, son and I landed in Wasaga Beach. I focus on fine art photography. I try to capture the magic that hides in the mundane. I like to highlight the beauty of a droplet of rain shimmering in the suns rays or the unwanted flower that will likely be weeded out of the otherwise sterile patch of grass. I tend to be attracted to the overlooked beauty that can be found in everything.

Elaine Schneider

Acrylic on canvas

Elaine is a contemporary, Canadian artist, living in the Southern Georgian Bay area of Ontario, who is inspired by nature and aims to capture the beauty and awe of her natural Canadian surroundings, in her work.

Elaine primarily paints in Acrylic on canvas but, when inspiration strikes, is happy to try and learn new mediums -- always stretching and reaching for new adventures. Her artistic style is a modern-blend of realism and post-impressionism, with a twist of abstraction, turning natural landscapes into stories to experience. With a trained eye for design, Elaine’s approach to creating is visceral and intuitive and is as much of a journey as a destination, resulting in work that has a unique feel, with interesting levels of abstraction within seemingly conventional landscapes. She is also an avid photographer, typically composing her pieces through lens, before translation onto canvas.

As a member of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts (BMFA) and an Associate member of The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), her artwork is currently available through The BMFA Art Shop, in beautiful Collingwood, Ontario, Canada and graces the homes of private collectors across the country.

Andrea Scott

oil, acrylics, digital (procreate), beadwork, felt, watercolours, murals

Andrea Scott is a Canadian artist, born on Turtle Island of German and Nordic descent. As a mother of two boys and attending university for her Masters, Andrea seeks to use art as a healing journey. Each piece is a part of her and she does not stick to one theme, but explores many different works throughout her lifetime.

Maggi Olson was born in Bracebridge, Ontario and spent her formative years in reduced circumstances on farmsteads. This life in rural gray Ontario left her soul starving for colour and beauty. As a natural born creative, this desire for passion and fulfillment was released and then nourished, when she picked up her first paintbrush.

As her emotional response to her environment was beginning to be recognized, it began to be enthusiastically fed during her early travels to France and Italy. Maggi was drawn onwards and inwards towards the artwork of the Impressionist movement painters. Finding a stronger calling painting in mid-life, Maggi began to take courses at OCADU and took advantage of her life living in scenically gorgeous Vancouver to hone her observational skills. This allowed her to take courses and instruction at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design. The fire was lit during this highly developmental period in Maggi’s artistic life. She went on to pursue further instruction from local and international art teachers such as Brian Buckrell, Efren Gonzales, Don Kilby, John David Anderson and Sue Miller, among others. Maggi also attended an art retreat in Tuscany in 2017. This once again proved a further impetus with inspiration for her development as an emerging, impressionistic painter.

Since retiring from a successful and hectic career in real estate, Maggi is now painting joyfully from her home studios in both Collingwood and Walkerton, Ontario. Maggi also spends her winters in Ajijic, Mexico where she continues to be greatly inspired by the sea, and the colour and vibrancy of Mexican culture.

Maggi is represented by Mountainside Gallery in Collingwood, Ontario and is a member of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts. Her work has also been represented by the Calli Intro Muros Gallery in Ajijic, Mexico where she is also a member of the Ajijic Society of the Arts. Maggi participates regularly in local art shows and events in her communities.

Sabine Richtmann

Oil & Acrylic

Sabine currently lives in Grey County and is a self-taught, ever-evolving visual artist and amateur digital photographer with an admiration of the local landscape as well as capturing scenery from her travels and her lifelong passion; horses. Various mediums allow Sabine to breathe life into her images and seize a moment in time that resonated with her.

She has participated in many local art shows and is a member of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts in Collingwood, Headwaters Art in Alton and the Marsh Street Artist Group.

Her paintings are in private collections in Canada, Germany, Ireland and Southern Africa.

Jennifer Keskikyla

Painting, Paddles, Jewelry, Mixed Media

Jennifer Keskikyla Is a Collingwood Artist who is inspired by the
natural world.

Living in Collingwood gives Jennifer access to nature. Whether it
is the shores of Georgian Bay, with waves crashing and skies
brooding, or the serenity of an old maple growth forest towering
over her head, with birdsong and wind rustling the leaves, nature
is where she goes to fill up her energy, to seek inspiration.
Jennifer tries to represent the feeling of energy and wonder she
gets during her time outdoors.

Jennifer has studied art at the Royal Ontario Museum, Freehand
School of Art, The Haliburton School of Art and Design, and the
McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Vaughan. Mediums she
has explored in her painted works include watercolour, oil,
acrylic and mixed media.

Heather Smiley


Collingwood-based artist Heather Smiley has been honing her painting skills since retiring from the world of work in 2019. She takes her inspiration from the beauty of water, land, and sky anywhere, but looks first to the landscape on her doorstep: the rural landscape of Simcoe and Grey Counties, the Blue Mountain area, and northern Ontario.

Bruce Belford

Pen and Ink and water colours plus Acrylics on Canvas

Bruce was born in Bowmanville ,Ontario, August 1938 and grew up in the Port Credit area of Mississauga, Ontario.
He is a member of the Wasaga Artist and the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts.
While he is noted for his detailed pen and ink drawings as well as use of watercolour's and charcoal, he is also a very accomplished artist using acrylic medium.
Bruce spent a time living in Hong Kong and was able to capture the cultural essence of Asia through his art.
Once back in Canada, Bruce, through many acrylic and watercolour paintings, has managed to capture several scenic and fascinating rural areas of Ontario.
His work can be found in many private collections.

Judy Scopes


My art is an interpretation of the beauty in our country and places I have visited using acrylics in a realistic style. My desire is that people viewing my art will remember a special moment or place the painting evokes as they view it.