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Heather LaRue

Oil, Watercolour, charcoal

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Heather LaRue lives in Collingwood, Ontario and began drawing and painting at an early age. She studied at the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto for classical drawing and painting.

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Barbara Pearn was born in Stratford, Ontario and grew up on a farm near Fullerton. Barbara took up watercolours as a teenager and early sales encouraged her to keep painting.

Barbara began her own successful graphic design business ColourPix, in 1998. Her graphic design work helped fine tune her colour knowledge and composition skills. Starting in 2005 she began to publish The Art Map, an annual guide showcasing regional artists, art galleries and art shows, until 2020.

She has participated in many local art shows in Grey and Bruce and is an active member of the local arts community. She is currently represented by the Matilda Swanson Gallery in Clarksburg and Garage 13 in Eugenia. She is currently a member of the Blue Mountain Foundation of the arts, in Collingwood.

Her work is in private collections in Canada, United States as well as in England.

She currently lives in Grey County.

Kathy Sutherland

Encaustic Wax and Inks

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My first creative outlet was designing and sewing fleece outwear. The past 5 years I have been focused on creating art with inks. My journey began with alcohol inks, producing both abstract and nature inspired works. My most recent creations are in encaustic wax and India ink. I love the depth and texture encaustic wax produces. Living in Collingwood brings me close to Georgian Bay and its natural beauty that inspires me.

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Cecilia was born in Peru, an extraordinary country, rich in culture, history, and cuisine, along with warm people, and stunning scenery full of colour and textures to stir the artist’s spirit. In 2004, she moved from Lima to Oakville, several years later settled in Collingwood, Ontario which had already become her hometown.
After Graduating as a graphic designer and art studies, discovered painting was her life passion, offering free expression and a means to search infinite creative ways to show the world her inner self.

Cecilia is an Abstract / Figurative artist creating a fusion between her Peruvian origins and the Canadian living experience. The moody soft colors define her style when expressing her art as Canadian landscape setting a different tone and self interpretation of the scenery.


2018 Collingwood ON - Press Room Gallery -Solo Exhibit-Woods and Farms
2017 Toronto ON - Peruvian Canadian Chamber of Commerce Collective
2017 Lima Peru - Private Charity Exhibit- St. Mary's Church
2016 Collingwood ON- Press Room Gallery Collective Exibit
2015 Lima Peru - Hacienda Queirolo Solo Exhibit
2014 Lima Peru - Private Solo Exhibit
2013 Toronto Art Expo- April
2012 Lima Peru- Colors in my Soul.
1998 National Museum Lima-Peru
1997 National Museum Lima-Peru
1996 Borkas Gallery Lima- Peru
1994 Bank of Commerce Lima- Peru
1993 Reserva Gallery Lima- Peru
1992 Euroidiomas Gallery Lima- Peru
1991 Villa Maria School Lima- Peru
1990 Menart gallery Lima- Peru
2002 Communications Group 3i Lima-Peru
2000 3M Peru Lima- Peru
1998 AFP Integra Lima- Peru
1997 Nuevo Mundo Bank Lima- Peru
2000 Private Art Studio- Ana Maria Pizarro Lima- Peru
1990 Private Artists Studios (Honduras, Jamaica, Argentina, Brasil, Spain)
1985 Toulouse Lautrec –Graphic Design Lima- Peru
1983 University of Lima-Communications Sciences Lima- Peru

Margaret Cora Schmor

Acrylic, Oil

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Margaret Cora Schmor

‘Capturing moments, memories and special places in Georgian Bay and Escarpment Country’

I am a Collingwood-based landscape painter, working mostly in acrylics and mixed media. I paint from a place of gratitude and joy for life, celebrating the beauty of the world in which we live. My paintings reflect my love of nature, the beauty of ‘place’, and the awe and wonder of creation. It is my hope that they bring that same joy and wonder to each viewer.

With brush and canvas, I strive to capture the beauty, and feeling of peace - the gift of a walk in the wild. I love to paint my favourite places and unexpected beauty on Georgian Bay, along the Bruce trail or on one of the many beautiful local trails. The special places that evoke memories and bring joy with each visit. I love the architecture of winter trees and long January shadows, the light dappling through summer shade, the moody blue skies over Georgian Bay, and fall fireworks of colour. While my camera is usually an iPhone these days, the inspiration for my paintings comes from the joy of daily excursions in our local ‘backyard’.

Shirra Benson

Oil Paint

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Painting has always been an outlet for me and is highly influenced by my ever-changing environment
and my emotions. Throughout the pandemic I was challenged on many levels and coming back to the
brush has always helped me in a therapeutic way. “Paint Doodling” is what I’ve named my style of oil
painting. I have been using this method of abstract brushwork on canvas since 2019. My paintings start
with an idea but are mainly unplanned; I simply let my brush and energy lead the way.

As a medical administrative student in 2019, I had done some volunteer work for a placement in Hospice Care at the very start of the pandemic. Also, at that time I was going through a divorce, leaving me a single mom with two young children. The sadness and depression I felt for the world (including my own) was indescribable. In Hospice there were people dying very much alone, and this broke my heart. My heart was already broken due to the crumbling of my marriage. Now, with the world suffering, this was the most challenging time I had ever been through, and this is what lead me to my current body of artwork: The Gold Series.

The Gold Series is light, dark, thick and textured with spurts of colour and energetic brushwork that
carries the eye continuously. The gestural brushwork combines mixed wet-on-wet techniques with
impasto and palette-knife painting, lots of uneven tones and questionable textures that keep sending
your mind spiraling, trying to understand the abstract nature of the painting and relate it to this world.

My artwork is very busy, and I hope to achieve periods of distraction while guiding you away from current, everyday stressors, and into a different world for a moment in time. Now, with the pandemic somewhat in the end stage, I focus on the positives of my current life situations and absorb the positive energies that I gather from spending time in nature with my growing family and bring all that back to the studio.

Historical War movies have now entered my realm as a high interest late night activity recently due to the fact that I’ve found them to put life into perspective. Coincidently, the series has moved into darker and “bonier” looking abstract figures. I have found that the more I learn about the wars that took place and the suffering our veterans and citizens endured, the more I’m given hope and gratitude for what I DO have in this blessed life.

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Biography for George Rutherford

Although George has always enjoyed drawing and painting, his busy career as a Head of School permitted him very little time to do so. Since he retired and moved to Collingwood, George has devoted more of his time and energy to painting, exclusively in acrylics.

His inspiration comes from his many excursions in the Southern Georgian Bay region, as well throughout the more northern regions associated with Georgian Bay – Parry Sound, Killarney and Sioux St. Marie.

The genesis of many of his paintings is a scene or a feature that catches his eye. Often a photograph is taken for reference. From there, the idea is translated in a sketch. The intention is to create a pleasing composition. It is at this stage that elements in the photograph are eliminated or altered to suit. Once accomplished, then other preliminary decisions are made – time of day, season of the year, weather conditions, the size of the painting and the like.

Once the painting is started, constant decisions are being made and at times, the composition departs from the original mental concept and sketch. Painting often results in happy accidents which catch him by surprise and add to the composition. But there are the not-so-happy accidents that occur which prompt him to pause the work and walk away. Returning to the work with new insight and a new challenge is invigorating even though it feels like a bit of a battle at times.

George also enjoys chatting with other artists as they too inspire him.

Finally, well known artists that inspire him include Andrew Wyeth, The Group of Seven, Ken Danby and Philip Craig.

George’s work is posted on his Instagram site rutherford317.

Janice Thomson

painter - acrylic and mixed media

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Rich in possibility are the relationships between the natural world and the human spirit. My work examines the often overlooked seemingly inconsequential elements in nature.
I work on birch panels, using acrylic paint, oil pastels and spray cans. I pour, sculpt, draw, spray and layer the paint to create the depth and texture that I am looking for with each painting. This process takes time as each element or layer gets added bit by bit to build up to the final product.
Recently I have moved to Fergus Ontario, and live on the Grand River. This has inspired me to evolve my work and explore the relationship between the natural world and the human spirit.
I examine and combine the concepts of nymphs and ancient mythology on the spiritual world that exists in nature. I look in riverbeds, water, forests, trees, birds and in particular I am drawn to the eagles that fly past my windows as they fish the river. The river is the perfect vessel for the woman’s body and spirit and they take on a mythical quality as they combine on the panels.

David Fisher

Mostly oil on canvas & ink on paper, but have used most mediums

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David Fisher has always drawn, painted and made things. When he was three, he
attempted to encapsulate "The Whole World" in a pencil drawing. His mother saved this,
and some 55 years later, it was turned into a painting. Using a childhood musings is not
unusual for his work: inspiration comes from anywhere, and everywhere, but is personal
and often playful.
The philosophy behind his imagery, besides creating a very real and detailed world, is
to get the viewer really see things. By carefully cropping the subject and controlling the
scene, everyday or otherwise overlooked situations are perceived in a different light.
Some might say that the artist's responsibility is to help others see the world through a
different perspective. This is largely true of David's work, but the true litmus test is quite
simple: is it fun?
His training included a Fine Arts degree at York University, and after some initial
success in local galleries in Toronto, he pursued a career in digital graphics for TV; the
CBC from 1990-93, and then TVO 1994-2015. He was also a member of the prestigious
Toronto Arts & Letters Club from 2012-2016, and has been a member of the BMFA
since 2017.

Deb Baillie

Acrylic, watercolour and mixed media

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Deb has always loved art!!! She graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, studied art direction and illustration at OCAD and also received her Bachelor of Education. Throughout her life she has always worked in the arts: as an artist, freelance illustrator, magazine production manager, event planner and high school art teacher. She has shown her work at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Ingram Fine Arts, BMFA group shows and most recently she was selected to create an interactive mural for Collingwood’s Art Alley, which has garnered rave reviews and a constant clammering of willing participants to have their picture taken in the JUMP mural!

Woven into that is her love for sports and the great outdoors: internationally competitive rower, nordic skier, swimmer, runner, and soon to be triathlete. After a long and winding journey she is now calling Collingwood home and diving back into life as a full time artist.

Her landscapes are a zoomed-in look at some of nature’s most overlooked gems of beauty such as beach stones, fallen leaves and feathers that have washed ashore. Her portrait work captures the essence and personality of its subject and the eyes reach out and speak to the viewer. Most of her work is acrylic on canvas as she loves the vibrancy and detail she can get with the medium but she is also in high demand for her whimsical watercolours, and sentimental dog portraits. Her work is heightened realism: she sees the colour she paints and her imagery comes alive with details and depth that invite participation and evoke emotion. Currently she is staying busy with her commission work: making custom paintings for clients around the world!

Bonnie Fox


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Bonnie is a visual person, easily inspired by any hint of light, shadow, pattern, or texture. She sees the small details, the little things that make our world a beautiful place. Wandering with her camera helps her to savor life and the world we live in. She hopes that when you observe her photos you will feel something special, __some nostalgia, some magic, a sense of wonder or gratitude. Bonnie loves to wander with her camera in this beautiful Georgian Bay area and in far off places in our world.

Robert Pointer

Acrylic, Oil, Conte, Graphite

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Robert Pointer is a Canadian artist, educator, and musician working in Grey County. His artwork has been in exhibitions since the 1970's. A figurative artist, he primarily creates intimate paintings from observation or relating to direct personal experience in acrylic, or oil on canvas. A post-modern artist, his paintings can be in the realist, impressionist, or abstract tradition depending on his subject and intention. As a teacher with the Peel District School Board, he taught grades 4 to 7 for over 25 years with a specialty in the arts. After retiring in 2014, Robert Pointer continues to exhibit his art at galleries and shows and teaches art skills at all levels with his business, Wildwood Art adventures and with Magic of Children in the Arts. His exploration of the themes of wildlife, cottage country tranquility and exuberance, aging and a life lived, and the contrasts of rural and urban life keep him inspired. Robert Pointer is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts.

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I am a self-taught emerging artist who moved from Germany to Canada and currently living in Bradford. 

My work mostly attempts to capture the beauty of nature. Most of my pieces are in blue shades. I think blue calms my thoughts and feelings .

I love participating in auctions as it not only helps me as an artist but also helps the art center raise funds for various charity organizations. I believe that art can (and should strive to) build a healthy, happy community!

Paulette West

Painting - sculpture - poetry

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In describing her work, Paulette would say that it is eclectic, covering a wide array of subject matter and media, generally following her heart. Her artistic journey began after completing a certificate program at Sheridan College. Her focus was primarily on painting, later turning to sculpture, in steatite stone, plaster and clay.

Her musical pieces are inspired by her love of music. Having attended many TSO and Jazz concerts, she observed the close personal relationship a musician has with the instrument played, the instrument being a personification of the musician thus bringing objectivity to the art work. These were developed early on, used to publicize a Jazz Festival and in Collingwood’s banner project.

She has participated in Studio Tours, group shows and Collingwood’s Art on the Street. Her work both in painting and sculpture has been recognized in Juried Art shows in Erin, Collingwood and in the Town of the Blue Mountains.
Recently, her artistic journey has taken her to writing poetry. Her poems and one of her paintings were published in “Canoe Lake Memories” Paddler Press, a poetry anthology paying homage to Canadian artist Tom Thomson. She also contributed poetry to Collingwood’s “On The Land We Love”.
[email protected]

Alison Boyack

oil on canvas

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Alison was born in Montreal in 1969. She grew up in Ontario, living in Niagara Falls, Pembroke and North Bay, before moving to Toronto to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design. After spending 15 years in the city, she moved to Collingwood in 2005.

Artistic expression has always been a significant part of Alison’s life. From earliest memories, she has been compelled to use imagery to recreate that which has fascinated her. From flora and fauna, to man made objects and structures, the diversity of colours, textures, shapes and patterns found in these forms have always been a source of wonder to study and translate through an artistic medium. Every scene she paints speaks to her on a very personal level, evoking an emotional response as a reaction to its character or presence.

In her final year at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Alison began using oils as her primary medium. Since graduating in 1993, she has focused on developing a technique to express the intricacies of light, colour and pattern to recreate a realm which captures the essence of the subject. Her interest in painting landscape was initiated when she started traveling in 1995, and she began exhibiting work shortly after, in 1997. Since then she has been exhibiting regularly, first in Toronto, then in Collingwood, in both group and solo shows. The exploration of the natural world provides endless revelations and inspiration for her work.

Art On Stone

Photography, Mixed Media

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Award-winning photographers, Jan Novak and Tamara Scearce continue to expand their distinct collection of landscapes, architecture, and scenes from nature with images captured locally and from around the globe. As a unique art option, they have chosen stone as a medium for their original photography and print directly on natural marble stone using fade resistant UV cured inks. Art On Stone is pleased to offer their functional artistic production as coasters, trivets, and wall art with their custom photography.

Their JDN Photography Canada division offers full-service printing, mounting, and framing at their studio in Horseshoe Valley, giving them full control in creating one-of-a-kind custom artwork for your interior. Printing on a variety of fine-art papers and using a protective finish allows prints to be displayed without glass.

Mary MacDonald

acrylic and Oil

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Mary's passion for art started in 2013 after retiring from Scotiabank.
She took many classes in drawing, acrylic, watercolor painting at TDSB. She continued her studies in Intermediate Acrylics and Art History at Avenue Road Art School in Toronto.
She moved to Collingwood in 2018. Where she continues to be an enthusiastic artist. The past 2 years she has studied oil palette knife classes in Collingwood. She enjoys studying with other artists in classes and workshops learning about fresh and innovative ideas.

Ann Clifford

Sculpture, Painting, Drawing

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As a long-standing member of the Blue Mountain Foundation of the Arts, award winning Canadian artist, Ann Clifford's accomplishments are impressive - she has created sculptures and paintings for the corporate world, equine organizations, government and tourism. She has a lengthy list of private commissions, including traditional sculptures in bronze and clay, large-scale three-dimensional Woven Metal sculptures and many multi-media, collaborative works.

The human figure in motion provides core inspiration that captures Ann’s curiosity. Animals and natural forms also frequently play into her work. She has a mastery of human anatomy that is infused with expressionist abstraction bringing a fresh and lively energy to each new art piece. Equestrian motifs are a specialty.

Woven Metal Sculptures are Ann’s current focus. These are fabricated with a durable, light weight material, that lends itself beautifully to complex compositions that can be displayed indoors and outdoors and are designed to span large commercial and residential wall surfaces. Visit her gallery at 143 Mill Street, Creemore.

As an Art Therapist at Pine River Institute, Ann supports young people and their families to explore the creative process as it relates to mental health and wellness. Founder of The Mask Project,
[email protected],, @anncliffordart

Sherry McDougall

Photography and Digital Art

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Over the years my interest in photography has grown from capturing travel memories to becoming dedicated to expanding my images of nature, land and cityscapes, people and abstracts.

I am fascinated with the use of color, light and space in my images and continue to explore the development of my own style.

As a self-taught photographer I enjoy the pursuit of memorable images and believe a well-captured photo is something to display with pride and enjoy.

Home is Collingwood, Ontario, Canada but I am available for assignments worldwide.

Marshall Postnikoff

Photography, Digital Art

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Collingwood-based photographer and visual opportunist whose work encompasses landscapes, abstract patterns, wildlife, travel and life photography .

I love creativity and learning. I think it’s the combination of creativity, learning and photography that keeps my enthusiasm up each time I grab my camera to capture an image. Every time the shutter clicks is an opportunity for my imagination to connect with something in you. Ultimately I learned that digital cameras and digital post-processing provide the means for creating very, very fine photographic images and prints.

Over the many years that I’ve been active capturing images as I travelled, my portfolio has grown substantially. I’m not sure whether my passion for trade has fuelled my love of photography, or the other way around. Either way, my photographic goal remans to draw the view into the photograph and transport them into my world.

I consider myself a jack of all photographic trades. I love landscape photography, I love shooting wildlife (with my camera of course). And I love photography in all its forms equally as much as I love sharing my images with the world.

Most of my original photographic fine art originate as digital photographs. Many of the finished images are straight photographs with minimal alteration; others are digital composites made by blending multiple photographs and adding digital effects. Some imagery is digital art, created entirely on a computer.

The images presented in these collections are just a small sample of what I have amassed over time and hope you enjoy my work. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I still have a lot to learn.

Charlotte Sprague

Fluid Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Watercolour

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I perceive movement in things that are in fact static, and am compelled to either see or feel texture. Similarly, colour also evokes strong emotions, and can pull me in creative directions and expression.
As a child, I was challenged with vision issues. As a result, I was very tactile when something interested me – I had to touch to understand. This resulted in many talks with Mom about “looking with our eyes, not our hands”, and more than one broken item in my wake. However, it was also a catalyst to a deep appreciation of texture, movement, light and dark – albeit often out of focus, but fascinating none the less. The fascination continues as my artistic practice grows and develops, exploring new techniques and materials, and learning from the rich reservoir of practicing artists in the Georgian Bay region.

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"I am fascinated with everything life has to offer, passionate about the creative process and when the light is ideal

I take photographs of beautiful landscapes, people & objects. When there is no light I spend time in the studio creating something out of nothing"

P.Annie Churchill

Acrylic & Oil Painting & Textiles

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Be Fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire…
Canadian/American visual artist P.Annie Churchill has had a lifelong passion for art & beauty. Inspired in childhood by her mother & great grandfather , both fine artists as well as decorative painters . Influenced & intrigued by the Impressionists, Post Impressionists , Abstract & Surreal artists . Studying and imitating their paint styles from an early age . Educated in the arts in both the USA & Canada .
Having lived and traveled extensively throughout the diverse North American landscape has given her a deep appreciation of the incredible terrain from coast to coast.
Annie’s experience working as a scenic artist on movie sets, as a graphic designer, colour consultant and decorative painter to clients , contractors and designers has helped to cultivate her current style .
Her medium of choice is presently acrylic. She appreciates it’s quick drying time , layering & textural abilities as well as it’s vibrancy in colours and it’s non toxic properties.
Living and painting in Collingwood surrounded by the stunning beauty of the Georgian Bay Area and Niagara Escarpment. Finding beauty on her daily biking , hiking & skiing excursions.

Chantal Wolf

Acrylic, Watercolour

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My name is Chantal, I am an artist, a poet and a soon to be published author. Art has been an essential part of who I am since I was a child. Crayons in hand, colouring, drawing and dreaming of unleashing a masterpiece on my very own blank wall. From classroom to college, marriage and children—from clerical work to commissions to a career in special education, I have made art.
In 2016 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease—not the most pleasant diagnosis, but not the worst either. At that point I made a choice—to see it as a permission slip, an opportunity to seize the moment and whatever that moment brings—and make art, lots of art.
Since then I have been on a personal creative journey of discovery through paint and now poetry. It challenges me and connects me to that brave voice inside. It lights me up, feeds my soul and helps make sense of it all.

Martha Moore

Acrylic and/or Watermiscible Oil

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Martha was educated through to University in Calgary AB and has spent the last 30 years in Alberta and Ontario. After a fulfilling career in Television broadcast journalism with ITV and Global Communications and McLuhan and Davies Communications (Toronto) she credits her move to the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC and Georgian Bay, ON as the motivation behind the shift from interpreting her world through writing to drawing and painting.
“When I paint, I’m totally immersed in the moment and lose many hours focused only on my canvas the marks I make and the feelings they evoke. Beneath layers of texture and colour a story on canvas begins to emerge; apart from any intention on my behalf, often a mystery, and quite arresting in its intensity. I’m very grateful for the ‘stories’ I’m able to create and the connections and pleasure they bring to others.”
Martha’s paintings are recognized for their strong expressive strokes, emotional energy and unique blends of colour and her paintings can be found in ARTSY, New York NY, Arte funktional, Vernon BC, and the Station Gallery, Kamloops BC.
Martha is a Past President of the North Okanagan FCA and Director of the Arts Council North Okanagan, active member of the TNSC, CO-FCA, FCA Toronto and the BMFA and her art designations include Elected member status of the national Society of Canadian Artists (Toronto) and NAP Contemporary Fine Arts (USA).