Thurs Zoom Watercolour Classes

Are You Ready?

The new season of introduction to Watercolours is happening on Thursdays, 1:00 to 2:30pm on Zoom!

This is an introductory class, beginner or with minimal experience. If you’ve had classes before, it won’t be the same as what other teachers have done, so it will be new techniques!

For our first class – if you don’t already have your own watercolours, the following is the materials list:


  • 2 reds
  • 2 blues
  • 2 yellows
  • (Warm/cool of each)
  • Plus Black and white if you want to get a full range
  • Any other favourite colours you enjoy, as extras.


  • Arches 140lb 1 or 2 sheets -if you can find it! -to be cut into smaller paintings.
  • A pad of cottman or equivalent cheaper watercolour paper for exercises.


  • A 2” wide square-tipped brush
  • A rigger brush
  • A round tip brush Any -size 2 to 6- your choice 
  • A house painting brush
  • Brown paper – could be leaf bag cut up into 8×10” pieces.
  • Cheap house paint or any old acrylic paint you have (for 1 exercise, one class)
  • A spray bottle 
  • Masking tape -the blue kind is best
  • Salt – fine and coarse 
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Plastic wrap
  • An xacto knife
  • A disposable water bottle with a tiny hole poked through the lid 
  • A half-empty roll of toilet paper
  • Kleenex 
  • A wine bottle, a few vases, a plant -for this week’s still life exercise.

Please confirm your availability for Thursday afternoons by sending an email to [email protected] 


It’s $10/class. The first few classes we’ll be doing exercises and then we’ll get into specific subjects.

4 classes at a time ($40) .. once a month, and if you miss a class, carry it over to the next month

E-transfer (and any questions you have) can be paid to: [email protected] to confirm attendance!


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