Endangered Species Kids Art Exhibit!

Meet our Team; Jordan Eveland, Victoria Evans, John Steele (photographer extraordinaire), Susan Cook, Rachael Havens and Alison Boyack.

We are proud to present the Endangered Species Kids Art Exhibit! In collaboration with Magic of Children, we offered 3 online art classes during the month of February for 30 children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Together with art instructor, Jordan Eveland, the children created their own artwork inspired by a Canadian endangered species. These species included a polar bear, killer whale, and a grizzly bear. Each child’s artwork was brought together to create each species in life-size form, demonstrating the power of artistic collaboration even in times of physical isolation.

We have created a time-lapse for the creation of each species and welcome you to view it with family and friends.

Polar Bear

The Artists: Dylan, Bay, Sam, Audra, Theo, Angus, Callum, Lilah, Callie, Anais

Killer Whale

The Artists: Adelaide, Philip, Mallory, Kimberley, Theo, Addie, DezIsla, Aislinn

Grizzly Bear

The Artists: Jackson,Toby, Aislinn, Ella, Philip, Emmeline, Alex, Julia, Isla, Gabe