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Tobias Sallewsky


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As a self-taught photographer, Tobias's style is marked by a quest for the unnoticed and an unrelenting fascination with the details. From black and white to colour, his work unveils new perspectives on subjects most people wouldn't spare a second glance. His camera explores abandoned urban alleyways, empty storefronts, the worn textures of city architecture and humanity's interaction with the natural world.

Tobias finds the allure in trash, the intrigue in low-brow graffiti, and the charm in the in-between. His images aren't just frozen moments; they're narratives enriched with unexpected elements. Whether it's a fleeting bird in a tranquil landscape or a burst of unexpected light and color in a cityscape, he captures scenes that invite viewers to ponder and explore.

His work is far from conventional postcards. Tobias roams with his camera, exploring the wilderness, hiking in raw nature, and delving into the heart of cities worldwide. His use of a mix of technology and vintage lenses adds a touch of imperfection that often becomes the most captivating aspect of his work. For Tobias, a photograph's essence isn't in its technical perfection but in the emotions it evokes.

Tobias Sallewsky's life is a story of relentless curiosity and creative evolution. His journey is one of exploration, discovery, and introspection, revealing the extraordinary within the seemingly mundane.