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Katerina Pravda

Oil on canvas, ink on paper, mixed media

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Creating predominantly in rich inks, mixed media, and luxurious oil paint, Katerina’s artistic inclinations bow to the graceful intermingling of endangered species, elegant people, and their ever-changing environment. She is driven by her undeniable passion for endangered species conservation, environmental protection, and the deep need for the ethical treatment of animals.

Her artistry is celebrated for her bold use of colour and line, and innovative approach in showcasing the glorious species of this earth as they become one with the human form. The results are a memorable impression of an unusual harmony, one that exhibits calmness and sophistication, captivating the viewer, in a formidable approach to expressing love, respect, and unity for these breathtaking beings through the birth of a new surrealistic style.

Katerina Pravda is the recipient of the 2015 Murray Jacob Clerkson Award, and has exhibited extensively in Canada and abroad, having been highlighted in many magazines and publications. She is currently working on expanding her “Darlings Collection,” to prepare for several national and international exhibits. Sign up to her special Art Collectors Newsletter for exclusive previews of her newest pieces as well as invitations to exhibitions and events by visiting her website at She welcomes you to her world of beautiful artistry and animal conservation!