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Elaine Schneider

Acrylic on canvas

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Elaine is a contemporary, Canadian artist, living in the Southern Georgian Bay area of Ontario, who is inspired by nature and aims to capture the beauty and awe of her natural Canadian surroundings, in her work.

Elaine primarily paints in Acrylic on canvas but, when inspiration strikes, is happy to try and learn new mediums -- always stretching and reaching for new adventures. Her artistic style is a modern-blend of realism and post-impressionism, with a twist of abstraction, turning natural landscapes into stories to experience. With a trained eye for design, Elaine’s approach to creating is visceral and intuitive and is as much of a journey as a destination, resulting in work that has a unique feel, with interesting levels of abstraction within seemingly conventional landscapes. She is also an avid photographer, typically composing her pieces through lens, before translation onto canvas.

As a member of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts (BMFA) and an Associate member of The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), her artwork is currently available through The BMFA Art Shop, in beautiful Collingwood, Ontario, Canada and graces the homes of private collectors across the country.