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Janice Thomson

painter - acrylic and mixed media

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Rich in possibility are the relationships between the natural world and the human spirit. My work examines the often overlooked seemingly inconsequential elements in nature.
I work on birch panels, using acrylic paint, oil pastels and spray cans. I pour, sculpt, draw, spray and layer the paint to create the depth and texture that I am looking for with each painting. This process takes time as each element or layer gets added bit by bit to build up to the final product.
Recently I have moved to Fergus Ontario, and live on the Grand River. This has inspired me to evolve my work and explore the relationship between the natural world and the human spirit.
I examine and combine the concepts of nymphs and ancient mythology on the spiritual world that exists in nature. I look in riverbeds, water, forests, trees, birds and in particular I am drawn to the eagles that fly past my windows as they fish the river. The river is the perfect vessel for the woman’s body and spirit and they take on a mythical quality as they combine on the panels.