BMFA Artist Directory

David Fisher

Mostly oil on canvas & ink on paper, but have used most mediums

David Fisher has always drawn, painted and made things. When he was three, he
attempted to encapsulate "The Whole World" in a pencil drawing. His mother saved this,
and some 55 years later, it was turned into a painting. Using a childhood musings is not
unusual for his work: inspiration comes from anywhere, and everywhere, but is personal
and often playful.
The philosophy behind his imagery, besides creating a very real and detailed world, is
to get the viewer really see things. By carefully cropping the subject and controlling the
scene, everyday or otherwise overlooked situations are perceived in a different light.
Some might say that the artist's responsibility is to help others see the world through a
different perspective. This is largely true of David's work, but the true litmus test is quite
simple: is it fun?
His training included a Fine Arts degree at York University, and after some initial
success in local galleries in Toronto, he pursued a career in digital graphics for TV; the
CBC from 1990-93, and then TVO 1994-2015. He was also a member of the prestigious
Toronto Arts & Letters Club from 2012-2016, and has been a member of the BMFA
since 2017.