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Juried Art Show Winners:

Adult 2D:

1st prize - David Fisher, “Storefront Confidential”
2nd prize - Don Kilby, “Gallery Greeter”
3rd prize - Mark Hope, “Protected"

Hilda Noble Honourable Mentions:
Sharon Barfoot, “Comfortably Numb”
Karen Bowen, “Veiled Wheat”

Adult 3D:

1st prize - Fred Hummel, “Stalking”
2nd prize - Brian Graham, “From Burl to Beauty”
3rd prize - Pam McCowan, “Community”

Honourable Mention:
Emile Gaudet “Cutthroat Trout"

Juror’s Choice:
Rosemary White, “Flowers for Summer”
Alison Boyack, has 2 awards: “Winter Shadows”; and “Sushi”

Student 2D & 3D:

1st prize - Madelyn Goguen, “Cotton Club”
2nd prize - Emma Young, “Blood Moon”
3rd prize - Jillian Sward, “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon”

Honourable Mentions:
Isabel Lewin, “Iconic Trees” *
Hannah Stockford, “Untitled 1”

Juror’s choices:
Isabel Lewin, “Buff Blue”
Sophia Donais, “Memories of You”
Kendall Tyson, “Raven and Woman”

Congratulations to all the winners.