John Burton, Oil on Canvas

Preferred Media: Oil on Canvas


A passion for skiing brought me to Collingwood in 1980. After retirement, I moved up permanently from Scarborough in 1994. My search for an active lifestyle was pleasantly surprised by the quality of culture that Collingwood has to offer.
At 88 years of age, and still very active in several sports, art has been a part of my life since childhood. My artistic endeavours range from soapstone and wood carvings to stain glass design, watercolour, acrylic and oil painting. My creative nature expands to landscaping, pond design and a passion for cooking.
My passion now, however, is oils on canvas. I am especially inspired by skies and the rugged scenery of the Georgian Bay area. I am known for my bold use of colour, where the paint is predominately applied using a palette knife. This results in luscious texture striving to capture the dramas of light and the beauty of the nature surrounding us. My paintings invite the viewer to walk right in!
It is interesting to note that I just recently discovered the artwork of my mother’s 2nd great uncle, John Wallace, who was born in Ryton Co., Durham, England in 1841. He was a landscape artist. I was born the middle of seven children in 1931, and my mother insisted on naming me John Wallace Burton. I am the only one in the family exhibiting any artistic skills. I knew that story over 80 years ago but just recently viewed John Wallace’s artwork on the internet. It is incredible to see the similarity in our styles.

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