Merryn Edgar, Mostly, oil on board

Preferred Media: Mostly, oil on board


Born in England, Merryn grew up in a family of creative artists. Merryn attended The Oxford School of Art from 1978-1981 then immigrated to Canada. She continued her passion, taking numerous courses at Sheridan College from 2000-2002 and many workshops with well-known artists such as Lila Lewis Irving and Bill Reid. In 2014 she attended Traditional Oils at The Norfolk Painting School, UK and a Micro Mosaic Course in Venice, Italy. Merryn continues to learn through courses and experimentation.

Picture Gallery

  • How Daring
  • Finding a Path
  • Weslemkoon Lake
  • We Stand
  • Seeing the Light
  • Finding a Way
  • Weighted Elegance
  • Merryn