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Barbara Kendrick

Acrylic and Oil Painting, Mixed Media and Original Printmaking (Collagraph, Relief and Drypoint)

Barbara Kendrick is a Canadian artist raised in northern Ontario and educated at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. She is an original printmaker and painter working in both oils and acrylics resulting in both traditional works and mixed media works that combine drawing and painting along with printmaking methods such as collagraph, relief and drypoint. Barbara started her artistic journey as a painter but began exploring printmaking in 2010. At first these methods proved to be separate disciplines but have more recently overlapped with paintings that include elements of print and original prints that include multiple mixed media techniques. Barbara has produced numerous small editions and focuses primarily on creating bodies of work that are varied throughout the edition with each piece being different from the previous, ie: monoprints, monotypes and mixed media works. Barbara currently works throughout the Georgian Bay area maintaining studios in both Wasaga Beach and in the Parry Sound area.