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George W Rutherford


Biography for George Rutherford

Although George has always enjoyed drawing and painting, his busy career as a Head of School permitted him very little time to do so. Since he retired and moved to Collingwood, George has devoted more of his time and energy to painting, exclusively in acrylics.

His inspiration comes from his many excursions in the Southern Georgian Bay region, as well throughout the more northern regions associated with Georgian Bay – Parry Sound, Killarney and Sioux St. Marie.

The genesis of many of his paintings is a scene or a feature that catches his eye. Often a photograph is taken for reference. From there, the idea is translated in a sketch. The intention is to create a pleasing composition. It is at this stage that elements in the photograph are eliminated or altered to suit. Once accomplished, then other preliminary decisions are made – time of day, season of the year, weather conditions, the size of the painting and the like.

Once the painting is started, constant decisions are being made and at times, the composition departs from the original mental concept and sketch. Painting often results in happy accidents which catch him by surprise and add to the composition. But there are the not-so-happy accidents that occur which prompt him to pause the work and walk away. Returning to the work with new insight and a new challenge is invigorating even though it feels like a bit of a battle at times.

George also enjoys chatting with other artists as they too inspire him.

Finally, well known artists that inspire him include Andrew Wyeth, The Group of Seven, Ken Danby and Philip Craig.

George’s work is posted on his Instagram site rutherford317.