Welcome to the BMFA Juried Art Show 2021

Now in its 41st year, the BMFA is proud to present this prestigious show online.

There are three categories: Adult 2D, Student 2D and Adult 3D. Over 150 submissions were received. Each piece was scored and critiqued by 3 jurors. Scores were based on Originality, Technique and Composition.

The following is the exhibit of all entries and winners.

There are:

Congratulations to the winners and accepted artists, and thank you to all who submitted work.

Our Jurors

John Anderson

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John Anderson says,
“Painting is pretty much like breathing for me now. I started at a young age copying the works of Glen Loates and Andrew Wyeth and it just grew from there with the increased exposure to more and more possibilities with paint. Northern and southern European impressionists along with some of the French and Dutch painters as well as North American impressionists all have left their mark on me.”

John is not only a prolific painter, he is also an accomplished art instructor.  He has taught for many years, and enjoys among others, teaching at the Haliburton School for the Arts and the Blue Mountain school of Landscape Painting.

Travel provides John with inspiration and is a very important aspect of his creativity.  John, enjoys instructing Plein Air classes and has taken guided tours in Tuscany, Provence, Avignon in the South of France and Newfoundland,

He has staged exhibitions in numerous galleries including The Mad and Noisy, Creemore, The Arts Gallery at the Distillery in Toronto and Double Door Gallery in Anten Mills..

View his work, List of Events, upcoming exhibits and Workshops at:


Brian Buckrell

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Brian Buckrell paints full time and he is living his passion.

His work is contemporary impressionistic interpretations of the Canadian landscape. Many of his paintings are made on location (plein air). He has received numerous awards for both his studio and plein air paintings and his work has been cited in prestigious art magazines in Canada and the USA.  In 2020 Brian will have the honour of Presenting at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in Denver Colorado.

Brian is a student of art and continues to study with acclaimed artists. He is represented by galleries in BC, Alberta and Ontario. His work has sold throughout Canada and internationally. Brian and his wife Cathy share their time between Comox, B.C. and Collingwood, Ontario.

To view his work and for a list of events and workshops:


Tanya Zaryski

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I have worn regular paths through the landscape in which I live.  Like the deer and the foxes have their trails, so do I.  There are certain houses or fields I pass by, roads I travel, collecting them as markers and using them to mark my progress

Working from photographs snapped out the car window, I create panoramas of my countryside.  This format mirrors the long, drawn-out landscapes unfolding as my vehicle travels along the quiet roads.  I work as a chronicler seeking to capture how a place looks at a certain moment in time.  A still point to anchor us in the business that fills our days.

I work primarily as a painter, though sometimes also a glassblower, potter, and sculptor.  Living near Georgian Bay for almost 20 years has given me a deep love of the area and a  connection to the natural beauty of the landscape.  Currently living in Clarksburg, I have a home based gallery and studio space.  I share my life with my teenage son, 2 cats, and a flock of unruly chickens.

Tanya’s website is: beavervalleyglass.com

Facebook: Tanya Zaryski Art

Instagram:  @tanyazaryski_art

Adult 2D Winners

The Past: Agriculture by David Fisher

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Lovely attention to detail, and skill in painting a variety of textures and surfaces.



Piano Player by Bill Barlow

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Beautiful line and use of single colour. Creative composition with the keyboard seen from above and on a diagonal.

well drawn, good composition


After the Rain by David Rawlings

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Good sense of light against dark areas of the painting. Details like the reflections in the puddles anchor the painting in the observable world.

good overall work, good composition, good eye direction and control, good focus.


Life Lines by Andrea Cole

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Interesting ideas! Great dichotomy between technological and organic forms.
interesting, unique

Honourable Mention

Old Kennedy Road by Bruce Bushey

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lovely, nice gentle movement, understated yet powerful colour…

Interesting corridor created between the fence post and trees. Warm and cool colours / complementary colours are used to full advantage.

good job

Honourable Mention

The Mast by Louis Davies

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Great idea

Beautiful colour choices, and good use of minimal palette. I very much the areas of detail combined with areas of flat colour.

Juror’s Choice

Student 2D Winners


Rocky by Maddie Calder

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Beautiful use of strong colour and lines.

really well done

interesting, well painted


Running Out of Time by Abby Curtis

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Good merging of various components, setting up an interesting narrative.

keep this happening

interesting, well composed


A Chef’s Medium by Chantal Abbott

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Really charming rendition of familiar foods. The black back ground adds lots of drama, and there is terrific detail in each object, simplified, but enough for us to recognize the item.




The Ancient Walls of Rome by Livia Aguiar-Hawksby

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Beautiful architectural study. Lovely painting in the sky, and attention to detail in the repeating arches.

really solid effort

very good effort

Honourable Mention

Emotional Iceberg by Aurora Sorenson

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Beautifully rendered landscape, but I like how the title indicates something more psychological as well.


interesting, well done

Honourable Mention

Student 2D Exhibit

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Adult 3D Winners


Turquoise Feather Necklace by Beverley Smith

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Lovely craftsmanship and beautifully designed.


Check Mate by Leslie Mann

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Beautifully constructed and looks like it would be fun to use.



Woman in Green Dress by Marion Bartlett

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makes me smile!

Great to see a clay piece that doesn’t sit flat on the table. I love that she perches on the edge of her surface and overhangs.


We All Scream for Ice Cream by Nadine Carr

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So fun! Beautiful details in the construction of the headlights and other details.

Honourable Mention

Adult 3D Exhibit

Click on the images to scroll through and to see artist name, title, medium and price.

Turquoise Feather Necklace

Artist: Beverley Smith
Size: 7″x9″x1″
Medium: Beadwork
Price: $500


Artist: Leslie Mann
Size: 24″ x 24″
Medium: Mixed
Price: $2,111

Woman in Green Dress

Artist: Marion Bartlett
Size: 12 inches
Medium: Stoneware clay
Price: $350

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Artist: Nadine Carr
Size: L 15.5″ W 7.5″ H 8.5″
Medium: Earthenware
Price: $325

Childhood Homestead

Artist: Amber Harloff
Size: 8”x18”x2
Medium: Mixed. Wood and found objects
Price: NFS

The Dancers (abstract)

Artist: Al Matchett
Size: 26″x11″
Medium: Aluminum metal art
Price: $495

Douglas fir

Artist: Al Matchett
Size: 24″ x 9.5″
Medium: Steel metal art
Price: $195

Puffin and Whale

Artist: Paul Bartlett
Size: 27” x 5”
Medium: Wood
Price: $460

Wolf Paddle

Artist: Paul Bartlett
Size: 60” x 6”
Medium: Wood
Price: $450

Essence of a Whale

Artist: Bev Clark
Size: 27″ x 13″
Medium: Apple wood
Price: $800

Rainbow Trout

Artist: Ron Mahler
Size: 17”L X 6”H X 9”W
Medium: Alabaster on driftwood
Price: $350

a balanced diet

Artist: Daniela audit
Size: 16×20″
Medium: Canvas, acrylic paint
Price: $75


Artist: Marion Bartlett
Size: 5.5 feet
Medium: Wood and paper
Price: $4500

Ball Factory

Artist: Leslie Mann
Size: 40′ wide x 60″ high
Medium: Mixed/Wood/Paint/other
Price: $1,111

Love letter

Artist: Daniela Audit
Size: 16 x 20″
Medium: Canvas and acrylic paint
Price: $75

Woot you lookin at

Artist: Daniela Audit
Size: 16 x 20″
Medium: anvas, acrylic paint and pallet knife
Price: $75

To purchase artwork, please contact admin@bmfa.on.ca

We were able to get social distanced photos of some of the winners. See below.

Stay safe and be well.


Winners Of Adult 3D


Beverley Smith

Turquoise Feather Necklace



Leslie Mann

Check Mate



Marion Bartlett

Woman in Green Dress


Winners Of 2D


David Fisher

The Past: Agriculture 


Bill Barlow

Piano Player


David Rawlings

After the Rain

Winners Of Student 2D


Maddie Calder




Abby Curtis

Running Out of Time


Chantal Abbott

A Chef’s Medium