These are crazy times, Story Slammers…and as we go through unprecedented measures of global social distancing…we are doing something unprecedented as well.

The Georgian Bay Story Slam is once again partnering with the BMFA for an event for their Fall Story Telling Festival! But THIS time we are looking for your fictional short stories! (Not just any fictional stories either). We have enlisted the help of two local painters, (Ann-Ida Beck and David Robinson) and have selected a piece of art by each of them. These two paintings will be your jumping off point. Choose one that speaks to you and write a short story based on the artwork.

The BMFA is putting up $500 in cash for the top stories presented. ($250 for each painting)  As usual.. these fictional stories can be no more than ten minutes when presented. Send your submissions to:

Your story may be selected for our fall show!
On that night we will have participants present 4 completely different short stories based on each of these paintings and our judges will pick a winner for each.
These paintings will be on display at a local establishment shortly for you to have a closer look (details to be released soon).  In the meantime, have a good look at them here and imagine the backstory and get writing!!

It will be a fun night to hear your entirely different takes on what is happening in these images. A wonderful way to fill your self- isolation hours! Go!

Story Slam Painting 1

Story Slam Painting 2