Welcome to the 2021 Personal Reflection Show


We asked member artists to create art and words that reflect how they are feeling in current times. Here is that show.

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Meet Me fr Cicchetti by Petra Burgmann

Petra Burgmann

Title: Meet Me for Cicchetti

Medium: Varnished watercolour with black floater frame, outer dimensions

Size: 21.5″ x 25.5″

Price: $900

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I am an explorer. I have always been an explorer, even if, as a young child, my travels were only in my own neighbourhood. Since then I have visited over 30 countries, always taking my small set of watercolour paints with me to sketch as I go. A photograph does give you a moment in time, but the lens often separates you from the moment. When I sit and sketch, I am in the moment, breathing the scent in the air, the warmth on my skin, and observing small details that escape you when you hurriedly snap a photo. In this time of COVID, explorations I have planned have been postponed. So I am returning to my sketches and painting my memories in larger form, reliving my travels as I go. This night in Venice we were walking home on a warm, perfect night, hours after most tourists had returned to their cruise ships. When we emerged out of a narrow alleyway we came upon this romantic little “birraria”. A glass of wine and cicchetti were essential. Painting this scene now, during travel restrictions, has allowed me to relive the experience, and dream of a future time when travel is possible again.

Starlings on the Outside by Bev Clark

Bev Clark

Title: Starlings on the outside

Medium: Acrylic on birch plywood with carvings

Size: 22″ x 24 “

Price: $400

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As an artist there are certainly a number of challenges under the current conditions. But it is not the loss of sales or the move to virtual events that bothers me most. What I miss is the opportunity to interact with other artists. To talk and share and be inspired. That’s how the two starlings outside the frame feel as well.
by Ann Clifford

Ann Clifford

Title: Freedom of Mind

Medium: Graphite on Canvas

Size: 40” x 16”

Price: $950

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In 2020, our centre, our natural balance, has been forced to shift and reset frequently as we strive for emotional and spiritual equilibrium. Even if we are fortunate to be living close to nature, in a relatively peaceful and supportive bubble, we find ourselves emotionally “unravelling” at times. We strive to cope with overwhelming pressures and mortal fear, individually and collectively. Survival and uncertainty keeps us working hard to hold ourselves up, but also demands that we permit ourselves to become more comfortable with “letting go” and feeling “messy” as a healthy and necessary process. Combining these opposing elements inspired “Freedom of Mind”. The large drawing on canvas, grows upward from a solid base and simultaneously cascades downward as it weaves and twists together, celebrating the power of being natural, tough, flexible and fluid. Drawing hair is an intimidating thing to do, it was a positive challenge creatively and interestingly, forced me to “let go” on yet another level.
Gray Study in Solitude I by Adele Derkowski

Adele Derkowski

Title: Gray Study in Solitude I 

Medium: Mixed media on Gray toned paper

Size: 9”x 12” Drawing, 16 1/2 ” x 19 1/2 ” matted and framed

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Now, 2020, is a good time to practice meditation.
To find a soft and quiet place within.
To simplify.
To be still.
To just breath.
Fire in the Sky by Victoria Huntley

Victoria Huntley

Title : Fire in the Sky

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size : 16″ x 20″  canvas (plus floater frame)

Price: $350

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I start my day looking up at the sky viewing what Mother Nature has created for me. The sky is a big canvas of natural art that we should be grateful for because it helps us appreciate what a wonderful world we live in. 

Watching the sunrise gives me energy and inspiration to start a new day.  Watching the sunset gives me time to reflect and appreciate what I have accomplished on that day.  As the sun goes down, it gives me time to calm down and look forward to what is in store for me on the next day.

For my painting technique on this painting, I started using a palette knife, and suddenly, my inner self urged me to use my fingers and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Pauline Jennett

Pauline Jennett

Title: Eat Pray Hike

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 18” x 20”

Price: $325

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During these times of uncertainty, I find that being one with nature gives me peace within.
That being said, I find hiking has become a way of life for myself and a small group of like-minded women.
Being together and sharing in the beauty of our surroundings brings joy and lots of wonderful conversation. I usually set the day, time and research which trail we will embark upon and we are off.
We talk, we laugh and we eat.
A little like EAT, PRAY, HIKE!
The best part is we get to lose track of time and forget the world and what’s happening for just a few hours.

by Karen Kelly

Karen Kelly

Title: Sweet Sightings

Medium: Acrylic

Price: $225

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Living in a rural area, nature and the animals completely grounded me throughout the pandemic. Something in how nature was oblivious to a world wide pandemic and just carried on. I never saw so many calves born as I did last spring. It was a reassuring sign to me.

Jenn Keskikyla

Jenn Keskikyla

Title: Winter Forest Reflections

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 10” x 12″

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Living in Collingwood gives me access to nature. Whether it is the shores of Georgian Bay, with waves crashing and skies brooding, or whether it is the serenity of an old maple growth forest towering over my head, with birdsong and wind rustling the leaves, nature is my “church”. It is where I go to fill up my depleted energy, to recharge my soul when I am weary. I always come away from time spent in nature feeling soothed, like I am ready to face the world of man again, and as a better person. 

This painting represents the feeling of energy and wonder I get during a walk in the woods. Winter is my favourite season, and creativity is then ignited  …. a desire to create something outside of me to balance the feelings I have within. 

To quote Hannah Rothschild:

Art only survives by striking a chord in someone’s heart and offering solace and reassurance. A great picture is the distillation of emotion, offering an empathetic hand across time and circumstance. A wonderful composition inspires sympathy and harmony.

So I share this painting with you in the hopes of sharing my feelings of harmony and solace received from time spent in nature. In the face of these times of uncertainty and chaos, we need to share positive experiences.

More Myself by Amelia Kramer

Amelia Kraemer

Title: More Myself

Medium: Mixed Media

Size: 24″ x 18″

Price: $475

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I completed a series of self-portraits after participating in a virtual artist gathering. The exercise was to explore creating a portrait by only feeling your way around your face with your non-dominant hand while drawing what your minds sees with your dominant hand. This was only meant to be a warmup exercise, but I explored it in detail in the weeks following the session. This exercise allowed me to connect with the depths of me. I imagined the events and people that had put the lines on my face. I connected with the slowing down of time as I travelled my face with my fingers and hand. It allowed me to look inward and forget about the outcome of a painting. As to whether it looks “good”, “beautiful” or “finished”. Painting allows me to escape my everyday reality and wander through a beautiful garden of colours and shapes. Painting is a solace. I leave my anxiety and depression at the door to my studio. I step into a world where I can be happy and without worry for a few hours at a time.

Coming Soon

Monica Kucharuk

Title: Romancing the Bay 

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 14″ x 2o ”

Price: $350

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Lost in a pleasurable past and not todays’ turmoil. Imagine the bygone Days, when Life was carefree, and Ladies strolled along the beach breathing in the fresh Air and showing off their colourful Parasols.

Birches by Mary McDonald

Mary MacDonald

Title: Birches

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 16″ × 20″ framed

Price: $395

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What is important to me…I find great pleasure being able to go outside and walk everyday. Living by Sunset Point is a blessing.  I am able to immerse myself in the surrounding ever changing nature.

A Good Book by Sylvie Maher

Sylvie Mahler

Title: A Good Book

Medium: Old Books dated 1800s
Watercolour on Aquabord

Price: $350.00

Read Sylvie's Reflection

These are strange and difficult times.  We all share the responsibility of protecting our fellow Canadians by listening and following the rules put to us by the government and physicians. What this means to each of us is different and individual. We all have developed ways to keep ourselves safe and busy.
As an artist, this confinement to keep myself and others safe, has given me the freedom and opportunity to paint to my heart’s desire. Travel though, has become a desire not to be fulfilled at this time. Books to me, offer the escape much like a trip to an exotic or restful place, where my imagination and curiosity are transported to a wonderful place far away. Whether fiction, mystery, romance or science fiction, the reader is carried away to a different place and time.
We will return to normal one day. I have no doubt about it. Until then, keeping ourselves and others safe is our Canadian right and responsibility. 

Hand Heart and Soul by Chris Marin

Christine Marin

Title: Hand, Heart and Soul

Medium: On gallery canvas. Acrylic

Size: 20″ x 20″

Read Christine's Reflection

For over twenty-five years creativity has been my physical balm as well as my emotional and spiritual booster.  For seventeen of those years, our two dalmatians, Geoffrey and Rilke lent their love and support to the process by lying under the table where I painted, sometimes adding a paw print to the work in progress.  When I knew that their lives were coming to an end, I poured an intuitive watercolour for each of them.  “Hand, Heart and Soul” is based on the painting I poured for Rilke where the heart held by the hand is transitioning into the soul. By continuing to create and having both of their paintings nearby, the weight of challenging times grows lighter. I completed this painting on November 27th on the twelfth anniversary of his passing.

Reflections with Sunrise Tea by Marylinda Tait

Marylinda Tait

Title: Reflections with Sunrise Tea

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 18″ × 18″ 

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The Worrier”.  When I was a young girl, I would worry that I might forget my homework or be late for school. Every other Saturday, I was terrified that my Grandmother would not be there to meet my West Island bus at the downtown Montreal Atwater Station. I have spent my life creating back-up plans in fear of an unexpected, unanticipated and often improbable change to my schedule. 

And then came Covid 19. I live alone with my dog. I have no family in Collingwood. I have not felt the touch of another human being since March 2020. I long for a hug.

Nonetheless, I am also blessed without the care of aging parents or financial insecurity. I love to paint. I have good friends.

As for an actionable, step-by-step “back-up” plan for a global pandemic?  I have yet to devise one. When anxiety and worry rages, my strategy is to visualize a calming situation and meditate. For the painting, I created a breakfast vignette at sunrise.  I love solitude accompanied by a good book/magazine, a cup of hot tea and my loyal Pandemic companion, Linus.  

“Worrying is praying for what you don’t want”. Focus on what brings you joy and it will come to you. Live in the moment. Stay true to yourself.

I do not believe there is a “back-up” plan for the global pandemic. There is only your faith in your “God” that you and those you love will survive it.

Peace in Nature by Suzette Terry

Suzette Terry

Title: Peace in Nature

Medium: Acrylic on board

Size: 5″ x 7”

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Many of us seek a place of peace in these tumultuous times, I find that long walks with my dog are the answer to getting grounded and finding peace of mind. Technology, keeps us to well informed and on edge. Distance is the key, and communing with nature, getting back to basics and remembering what is important to us.

Dancing River by Hatidza Tuhcic

Hatidza Tuhcic

Title: Dancing River

Medium: Canvas, Amsterdam Acrylic Paints, Floetrol, and professionally sealed with Epoxy Resin. Please note, this is an original handcrafted fluid pour painting — not a print. 

Size: 20″ x 16” x 1.5”

Read Hatidza's Reflection

This wondrous painting illustrates a visual image of a floating river on a snow bank. Bright, vibrant and rich Amsterdam colours display a harmonious aura. The river on the snowbank symbolizes, that even though tough weather terrains are here, at the end a new cycle of life will occur in nature during the spring. When the last leave falls from the tree, and when the first drop of snowfall occurs, it provides me joy — as I know, that new beginnings are right around the corner. The winter brings loved ones, friends and neighbours closer to one another, in order to embrace each other and to enjoy the peaceful holiday season together.

A Shimmering Fall River by Jesse Unsworth

Jesse Unsworth

Title: A Shimmering Fall River

Medium: Oil on wood

Size: 10″ x 12″

Price: $295

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While painting this small studio sketch it brought me back to a place I visited on an annual excursion up to northern Ontario in the Fall.  The location is called Rosseau.  I went there once in 2014 and another time in 2018.  The water in this piece also serves as a metaphor for reflection in these times.