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Continuing education is key to the BMFA mandate

The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts supports a number of educational initiatives each year as it strives to encourage art appreciation and participation among more and more of our citizens.

For youth, we offer high-school bursaries to students who show an interest or promise through continuing their arts education. Both the Juried Art Show and Juried Photo Show invite high school student participation, each offering a dedicated student category. These juried exhibitions offer students a glimpse into the competitive world of art production and exhibition while they are still in their formative stage of development.

Each year the Clerkson Committee seeks out ways to assist less privileged children, offering quality art classes or other cultural opportunities that they would not normally be able to attend. With this program, the BMFA partners with existing community arts providers.

The Visiting Artist Series brings several exhibitions of contemporary art to the Arts Centre each year. The goal is to introduce creative practices and visions that lie outside our everyday encounter with art to expand our audience, increase awareness, and to promote art appreciation of a broader sampling of art practice operating in society today. Our offering of special lectures and workshops on art, art history or cultural programs is ever expanding at the BMFA. The Visiting Artist Series typically features an educational presentation by one or more visiting artist, either on-site or in partnership with a local school.

The BMFA is always on the look-out for new educational opportunities in any branch of the arts, and we are particularly interested in forming strategic partnerships with other like-minded organizations. If you have an idea, please contact the BMFA through the administration office.