Victoria Huntley, Acrylic, Oil, Stained Glass

Preferred Media: Acrylic, Oil, Stained Glass


I was born and raised in the Philippines, immigrated to Canada in 1997, and settled in Wasaga Beach in 2006. I began painting during the winters I spent in California as something to challenge me. When I returned home, I realized that Southern Georgian Bay provided a wonderful setting for a landscape artist.
Although I am largely a self taught artist. I have benefited from taking classes from some very accomplished artists. I am playful with colours and love to recreate the many colours I see in nature.
Most of my paintings are based on photos I take. I deliberately choose complicated scenes so that I am challenged to turn the setting into a piece of art. I discovered that there is complexity in nature that is not visible to the human eye, especially mine, since I am quite near sighted. The photos I have taken revealed an intricate and complex pattern in nature. I find the entire process exhilarating: from seeing the subject, to perceiving the composition, and transforming it with brush strokes into a piece of art.
My fondest hope is that the great joy I feel in my paintings is shared by those who view them.

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