Richenda Ellis, Wire sculpture, Pen & Ink, Needled felt

Preferred Media: Wire sculpture, Pen & Ink, Needled felt


Richenda Ellis became interested in art during her childhood in England, individually developing her unique style from a young age. Her early career was as a nurse in the British Royal Navy, later living and working in Bermuda before returning to the UK to raise her family and help her husband run his business.

Although art had to take the sideline for most of her life, it was always her great passion. Starting with pen and ink drawings and lino prints, her artistic repertoire has expanded to include wire sculptures and needle-felted pictures. She has recently published a book of pen and ink illustrations called “Life is a Piece of Cheese”. Richenda lives in Feversham, Ontario.

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Picture Gallery

  • Richenda Ellis – squirrel
  • Richenda Ellis-sheep
  • Richenda Ellis