Petra Burgmann, Watermedia Art & Jewellery

Preferred Media: Watermedia Art & Jewellery


Inspired by the serenity of the contemplative landscape, Petra is a watermedia artist who works in watercolor, alcohol ink, India ink, and acrylic. Equally comfortable with colour and with bold black and white statements, the interplay of colour and light brings her joy, and that is what she expresses in her paintings, to give others access to a moment of joy they recognize intuitively or have experienced themselves. Preferred subjects are landscapes, florals, and architecture inspired by the Georgian Bay area, and by her global travels. As well as the BMFA, she is also represented by the  Loft Gallery in Thornbury, Georgian Bay Marketplace, Artfest Ontario, the Art Gallery of Guelph, and the Tiny Art Collective.

Her beadwork allows her to share her love of colour and design in another form. During travels to places as diverse as Tibet, Bali, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, and throughout the USA, she has collected beads from around the world.  Inspired by the various colours and textures, her pieces are created organically. Entirely self-taught, she does not work with a preconceived idea or plan, but instead allows the beads to dictate the form.  Her jewellery is unique in that no two pieces are alike, and her peyote stitched pieces and soutache pieces are formed free-hand, adding structure and colour like a three-dimensional painting.  Anyone who wears her pieces wears a work of art, and makes a statement about their own willingness to be bold and unique in their expression of their personal style.

Picture Gallery

  • Meet Me For Cicchetti
  • Muskoka Fall
  • Bay Calm
  • Standing Tall
  • Hand beaded necklace
  • brownstone soutache
  • Dancing In The Breeze
  • Petra Burgmann