Pauline Jennett, Acrylics and Oils

Preferred Media: Acrylics and Oils


From an early age, Pauline had a desire to create. This desire led her to begin a career in Interior Design and as time progressed, to express her creativity in designing, jewelry, pottery and the formulation of organic soaps.
After relocating to Collingwood, Pauline’s desire to create inspired her artistic talent on canvas and she began to work successfully with both Acrylics and Oils. Several of her pieces are displayed and sold in various venues around Collingwood and the GTA.
Pauline is currently a member of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts and volunteers at the Art Shop.
As part of the Collingwood “Art on the Street” summer exposition, she successfully created and submitted her unique designs for several Muskoka Chairs as well as two bike rack structures along the Heritage Drive.
Pauline also initiated her own “Creative Fun” Art classes held in her unique art studio. Her philosophy “always try something new and enjoy every step of the way" is reflected in who Pauline is and in all her creative endeavours.

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