Len Bevan, Watercolour, Acrylic, Graphite, Oil

Preferred Media: Watercolour, Acrylic, Graphite, Oil


Drawing came naturally to me, but some credit is due to my grade one/two teacher who provided an “open studio” at the back of the classroom.  Later, my mother sent me to a neighbourhood artist for painting lessons for a short time, and taking fine art in high school was an easy way to keep up my average.  Things went dormant for quite a while until a friend talked me into joining another “open studio” where the owner offered encouragement and instruction as well as guest demonstrations. After watching Jack Reid and Zoltan Szabo paint, I knew watercolour was my medium.  Soon I discovered the Toronto Watercolour Society which opened up a world of more demonstrations, workshops, shows, and from there Brian Atyeo became a major inspiration.  Upon retirement, we moved to Collingwood with its active art community, the BMFA and GBACA.  There still didn’t seem to be as much spare time as I’d thought I’d have to paint until I was invited to join a group of local artists/artisans called "Art Array" to show with them. This was a quite an honour for me and a major motivator – nothing like the pressure of shows to get you into the studio.  As well as my watercolour, I enjoy detailed pencil work and attempted to control acrylics, only to revert to oils that I hadn’t used in years.  I would consider myself an “Impressionist/Group of Seven “ mainly landscape painter.   The education continues.

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