Kevin Cassidy, Woodwork

Preferred Media: Woodwork


Kevin has been a passionate woodworker throughout his life. After retiring from mining engineering in 2013, he settled in Blue Mountains, Ontario with his wife, Sandra, where retirement has afforded him more time to focus on his craft.
Kevin’s work has been featured at local wineries and art galleries and has been sold throughout Ontario. Although he has created small and large furniture pieces for his family, some of his most popular and eye-catching pieces are geometric patterned, end grain cutting boards and 3-D & textured wall hangings.
Kevin finds himself drawn to the abstract by using different types of wood and geometric shapes as he sees dynamic beauty in the contrasting grains, colours and shapes. Recently, he has been experimenting with power carving, where the hard, tabular aspect of wood is transformed into flowing shapes such as sand dunes and waves.
Outside his workshop, Kevin enjoys hiking, skiing, golfing, and playing with his grandchildren.

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