John David Anderson, Water Colour, Acrylic, Oil

Preferred Media: Water Colour, Acrylic, Oil


Painting and breathing are closely related for me - something I have to do. I paint outside, en plein air and in the studio. The light story, the passage of light through a space, is the beginning of compositional ideas for my work.
Impressionist in that I am much more interested in the emotional content of colour, light and shadow structure than in the small details.
Over the last 25 years of painting professionally, the language of paint, learning how to speak with light and colour remains a passionate pursuit.  Sharing my experiences and pulling from some of the very best sources of painterly advice, I teach in workshops, arts schools, including Haliburton School of Art and Design, over the last 20 years, along with leading travel-painting trips to Europe.
I am currently represented by The Ethel Currie Gallery, Haliburton, Ont.(, The Double Doors Gallery, Anten Mills Ontario, (

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