Jessica Tamlin, Oils and Gouache

Preferred Media: Oils and Gouache


A daughter bred from music and sculpture, Jessica curved her way through life loving and living art.  She grew up above a retail shop.  After being encouraged by her high school art teacher to pursue an education in art she received her honours in Fine Arts at The University of Guelph, specializing in drawing, printmaking and sculpture.  Dabbling in paint here and there, she never felt a connection to the medium. Jessica went on to study Digital Media Arts at Seneca College where she learned graphic design skills.
In the years following school, Jessica worked as a Digital Media Artist and an Assistant Manager of a small art gallery in Waterloo.  Eventually she returned home to manage one of her parents' stores. Not long after, came marriage and motherhood. Jessica has run her own business as a freelance Graphic Designer and started a business called Other Half Studio where she makes wooden screen, printed travel maps and graphic ski maps.
Moving to the small village of Creemore almost 6 years ago was a pivotal moment in Jessica's life. She found herself surrounded by artists and creative people who make their way on their own.  After taking a portrait oil painting class in Creemore a few years ago, a light switch was turned on — her time to paint had arrived!  Jessica’s love for art, combined by the beautiful landscape, village and people that surrounded her became her inspiration.
Painting is Jessica’s way to find a stillness and connection to our world.  She captures moments in our landscape that are easily passed by and invite the viewer to be drawn into the space.  Using a limited palette in oils or gouache, Jessica paints with small, deliberate marks and often finds herself getting lost in the subject matter.

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