Jeanne D'Arc Gaudet, Mixed Media

Preferred Media: Mixed Media


Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet was born and raised in a small French rural community in Saskatchewan. At school art projects were always where she felt comfortable and remembers doodling on any piece of paper she could find, trying to recreate what she saw.

Prior to working in oils, Jeanne d’Arc dabbled in ceramics and clay, always working at recreating subjects that appealed to her. It wasn’t until attending an oil painting workshop with renowned artist William Whitaker in Salt Lake City that she realized she needed to pursue this form of art.

The joy she experiences when applying oil on a canvas to create an image that gradually transforms into a painting transported her into a new world. A world full of excitement and adventure.

Realism has always been Jeanne d’Arc’s passion and what she strives towards; it brings her joy, serenity and inspiration. Always following her heart, her goal is to be able to allow the viewers and art collectors to feel the same passion she finds when creating her art.

Picture Gallery

  • Winter Tranquility
  • Paphiopedilum #1
  • November
  • Figs-uratively