Gordon Sellen, Acrylic

Preferred Media: Acrylic


Born in the Yukon Territory, back when cars had wooden wheels. Currently resides in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. Painter, Glass Artist, and Award Winning Pastry Chef. Gordon's exploration of art and many of its mediums has been a lifelong pursuit. Before painting became his focus, Gordon spent many years as a glass blower. He created thousands of pieces of hand blown art glass. He is also a very accomplished stained glass artist. Gordon created windows for many churches, public and private commissions. Somewhere along the way Gordon also became interested in the art of Pastry and Bread Baking. And to make a long story short he worked his way up to Pastry Chef with Four Season Hotels and The King Edward Hotel. A career spanning 35 years and many awards for excellence. Gordon's Painting process can best be described as madly off in all directions. However after painting pretty much nonstop for 9 years there seems to be a pattern, and his paintings can be grouped into one of many on-going series. Gordon finds inspiration around him everywhere, and although Abstract Expressionism is a favourite, he has explored landscapes, figurative work and even pop art. www.gordonsellen.com

Picture Gallery

  • Tanglewood Autumn
  • Last Light
  • Crabby Apple
  • Crabby Apple 2
  • Indian Summer SOLD
  • Oh Canada
  • French River