Emile Gaudet, Wood Carving

Preferred Media: Wood Carving


As an artist Emile Gaudet works at capturing and replicating the beauty as he see it. His work focuses largely on wildlife subjects, smoothies and caricatures. Wood sculpture incorporates drawing, 3-D design, woodcarving, sculpting and painting. Creating this type of art is to master different forms of art. Emile’s objective is to have people see his work as real life shapes and colours.

Each piece is carved using a high-speed power tool, chisels and a wood burning tool. Hand painting and airbrushing are used to complete his projects. The preferred wood to work with is tupelo, basswood, butternut and walnut; finishing the project using acrylic paints.

Emile’s ability to capture the essence of wildlife in his work is both rewarding and challenging. It allows Emile to utilize his artistic skills to create beautiful shapes and forms.

Picture Gallery

  • Cardinal
  • Cutthroat Trout
  • Owl