Chantal Wolf, Acrylic/Watercolour

Preferred Media: Acrylic/Watercolour


Chantal Wolf

From the first time I picked up a crayon, I was hooked…in love with ART…drawing, painting, lettering, creating. And art has become a lifetime passion.

I was born in the UK and came to Canada as a young child. I grew up in Toronto then Mississauga and moved to Collingwood in June of 2019 from Markham, where I lived for just over 18 years. After studying Illustration in college, art….in the form of commissioned portraits, paintings and murals…shifted to the sidelines as I worked in accounting then education. My work with students on the Autism spectrum has often converged with my ‘art’ life to push the boundaries of creativity.

In the spring of 2016, a life altering ‘kick in the butt’ literally shook my creative perspective (in a good way….as it turns out). I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

The ‘gift’ of Parkinson’s....and the challenges and changes it brings….has been my motivation to seize the moment and whatever that moment brings…with a grateful, joyful…and creative heart. It has led me in unexpected directions, drifting from a familiar realistic style into an exploration of abstract and intuitive expression. This personal journey through paint lights me up, feeds my soul and helps me make sense of it all.

Working mainly in watercolour, acrylic and pen, I am inspired by everything from the patterns and colours in nature to maps and urban architecture to the beauty and details found in hidden and unexpected places….art, truly is everywhere. More recently this move to Collingwood has inspired a shift in my work. I feel compelled to capture the incredible natural beauty that surrounds me...and I’m excited to see where this transition leads me….always learning, always growing.

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