Bev Clark, Acrylic Painting & Wood Carving

Preferred Media: Acrylic Painting & Wood Carving


I have always had a strong desire to make objects of art. To take “stuff” and turn it into something else. To me there needs to be something going on in a piece of art. It must ask or tell…something. It is not enough for it to just sit there and be pretty.

I began painting at an early age, but I have only recently had the time to show in a gallery or to have pieces offered for sale. I have spent most of my life working in aquatic science so you might notice a bit of water in many of my paintings. Much is the same with my carvings – I began many years ago by carving decoys for hunting and moved on to more whimsical carvings, when the frenzy around wooden ducks died down.

You can see my paintings and carvings on my website.

Picture Gallery

  • Cocks of the Walk
  • Life Boat
  • Crappy
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