Anne Henvey, Acrylic

Preferred Media: Acrylic


I was born in Shropshire, England, the youngest of three girls. As a Royal Air Force family, we traveled and lived in various countries before emigrating to Canada.
My love of painting and drawing came at a very early age; I really can't remember not drawing. My father was quite creative and both he and my mother were always very supportive and encouraging to me growing up. In this environment painting became much more than a hobby and has remained a passionate part of my life. I still use the easel my father constructed for me in my early teens. Oil paints were my medium of choice then; I've since made the change over to acrylics.
I studied art at Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario before moving on to a career in floral design. Flowers are therefore a huge influence in my work. I never tire of the incredible artwork of Mother Nature.

Picture Gallery

  • Blue Pansy
  • Yellow Pansy
  • Red Pansy
  • Pink Pansy
  • Caballo De Mar
  • Cool Reflections
  • After the Rain
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