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My first poems and stories were written with a worn out pencil while sitting in a tree in my backyard as a child. Creative writing and making jewellery reminiscent of the brightly coloured stones my piano teacher used to give me if I played a piece well, still fill me with joy.
An award-winning corporate magazine editor, HR Director and motivational consultant, I published a children’s book, “Mikey’s Wonderful, Terrific, Upside-Down Monday”. Unexpectedly it became a part of an Australian primary schools curriculum, because it teaches kindness and sharing. A cookbook, “Aldonna’s Wholesome Delights”, was followed by my debut novel “The Amethyst”, a deeply researched historical romance inspired by the lives of thousands of English women who braved perilous journeys to India in search of love during Queen Victoria’s magnificent reign, when India was the jewel in the crown of the British Empire.
I am presently working on a book of short stories filled with the voices of unforgettable characters that I grew up with, tales of laughter and tears, love and hate, death and conquering the unimaginable.

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