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Fiber art

Meet EJ, the world-renowned macrame artist and expert knot-tyer extraordinaire. I have been weaving my way through the world of macrame for roughly 3.5 years, creating stunning works of art that will leave you knot-tying your own shoelaces in awe.

I’m a master at crafting intricate and delicate designs out of thick, unruly cords that would leave even the most seasoned sailor scratching their head. I have been known to turn the most mundane household items into macrame masterpieces - from plant hangers to wall hangings, mostly wall hangings, to even a fully-functional hammock that can hold a family of four (provided they're not too heavy).

When I’m not busy knotting, I can be found listening to smooth jazz, soca, 90s R&B, and sipping on herbal tea, because what else would a macrame artist do?

So if you're looking for a macrame artist who will knot disappoint, look no further than EJ, me – I’m the whole package, cord and all.