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Marshall Postnikoff

Photography, Digital Art

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Collingwood-based photographer and visual opportunist whose work encompasses landscapes, abstract patterns, wildlife, travel and life photography .

I love creativity and learning. I think it’s the combination of creativity, learning and photography that keeps my enthusiasm up each time I grab my camera to capture an image. Every time the shutter clicks is an opportunity for my imagination to connect with something in you. Ultimately I learned that digital cameras and digital post-processing provide the means for creating very, very fine photographic images and prints.

Over the many years that I’ve been active capturing images as I travelled, my portfolio has grown substantially. I’m not sure whether my passion for trade has fuelled my love of photography, or the other way around. Either way, my photographic goal remans to draw the view into the photograph and transport them into my world.

I consider myself a jack of all photographic trades. I love landscape photography, I love shooting wildlife (with my camera of course). And I love photography in all its forms equally as much as I love sharing my images with the world.

Most of my original photographic fine art originate as digital photographs. Many of the finished images are straight photographs with minimal alteration; others are digital composites made by blending multiple photographs and adding digital effects. Some imagery is digital art, created entirely on a computer.

The images presented in these collections are just a small sample of what I have amassed over time and hope you enjoy my work. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. I still have a lot to learn.