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Martha Moore

Acrylic and/or Watermiscible Oil

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Martha was educated through to University in Calgary AB and has spent the last 30 years in Alberta and Ontario. After a fulfilling career in Television broadcast journalism with ITV and Global Communications and McLuhan and Davies Communications (Toronto) she credits her move to the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC and Georgian Bay, ON as the motivation behind the shift from interpreting her world through writing to drawing and painting.
“When I paint, I’m totally immersed in the moment and lose many hours focused only on my canvas the marks I make and the feelings they evoke. Beneath layers of texture and colour a story on canvas begins to emerge; apart from any intention on my behalf, often a mystery, and quite arresting in its intensity. I’m very grateful for the ‘stories’ I’m able to create and the connections and pleasure they bring to others.”
Martha’s paintings are recognized for their strong expressive strokes, emotional energy and unique blends of colour and her paintings can be found in ARTSY, New York NY, Arte funktional, Vernon BC, and the Station Gallery, Kamloops BC.
Martha is a Past President of the North Okanagan FCA and Director of the Arts Council North Okanagan, active member of the TNSC, CO-FCA, FCA Toronto and the BMFA and her art designations include Elected member status of the national Society of Canadian Artists (Toronto) and NAP Contemporary Fine Arts (USA).