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Serving South Georgian Bay since 1975


BMFA Mission:

To inspire excellence in Visual Arts
through educational and creative opportunities.

3 Year Plan Focuses:

1) Spirit of Increased:

Programing Excellence,
Collaboration and Partnerships (expected and unexpected),
Volunteer Involvement,
Fiscal Responsibility,
Fundraising Capabilities, and
Visibility and Community Presence.

2) Education

Adult Programming:

Multi-Audience Art Classes and Workshops,
Professional Artist Talks and Lectures,
and Occasional Outings.

Youth and Teen Programming:

In-School and Extra-Curricular,
Youth at Risk Programs, and
Regular Programming.

3) Creative Opportunities:

Exhibitions Outside of Collingwood,
Exhibitions Within and Around Collingwood,
Member Shows,
Juried/Curated Shows (By both in-house and out-of-house curators),
Youth Shows, and
Collaborative Exhibitions.

4) BMFA Awareness:

Enhanced Image,
Consistent Promotion and Celebration of BMFA,
Increased Social Media Presence, and
Collaboration with other Cultural Organizations.

BMFA Board Positions and Committee Chart,
Focus Year 1

I.      Chair
II.     Vice Chair
III.    Treasurer
IV.   Secretary
V.    Liaison to Education Programing (may but not need be committee chair)
VI.   Liaison to Creative Programing (may but not need be committee chair)
VII.  Liaison to Membership Development (may but not need be committee chair)
VIII. Liaison to Marketing and Promotion (may but not need be committee chair)
IX.   Liaison to Revenue Development (may but not need be committee chair).

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected annually at the AGM. The current Board of Directors, effective October 26, 2017, consists ofthe following:

Dave Saunders, Chair and acting Treasurer (,
Judy Morrision, Vice Chair (,
Judy Scopes, Secretary (,
Jill Bates, member at large (
Yvonne Gibson, member at large, Past Chair(
Yvonne Hamlin, member at large (
David Ripley, member at large (,
Jeff Stephens, member at large (,

1) Education Programing Committee Focuses:

Develop and coordinate youth and teen programs focused on:

  • In School
  • Extra-Curricular
  • Youth at Risk.

Current Programming:

  • Cartoonist Workshop (Storytelling Festival)
  • Participation in Juried Art Show and Photo Essay Contest
  • Art Workshop at CAMF
  • Zentangle Workshops.

Proposed Programming:

  • Illustration Workshop
  • Gallery Youth drop-in Art Program
  • Partnerships with Magic of Children, Imaginarium, Environment Network
  • Collingwood YMCA.

Develop and coordinate Adult Programs focused on:

  • Multi-Audience classes and workshops
  • Profession development opportunities through artist talks and lectures.

Current Programming:

  • Winter Art Workshops
  • Speakers (Storytelling Festival and Arabella)
  • Ted Talks
  • Member Workshops (Facebook, How to Hang Art).

Proposed Programming:

  • More Art Workshops year round
  • More Speakers & Art Lectures
  • Artist Talks
  • Ted Talks
  • Open Studio.

2) Creative Programing Committee Focuses:

Develop and coordinate exhibition programming:

  • Within and around Collingwood
  • Outside Collingwood
  • Collaborative in nature.

Current Programming:

  • CAMF
  • Art Rental Program
  • Collingwood Art Crawl
  • Shaw and Stratford Festival Trips
  • Simcoe County Heritage Quilt Project
  • Speakers.

Proposed Programming:

  • Enhanced Art Rental Program
  • Enhanced and Collaborative Art Crawl Participation
  • Traveling Member Exhibition to Thornbury, Stayner, Wasaga Beach, Creemore
  • More Speakers.

Develop and Coordinate:

Current Programming:

  • BMFA Members' Show
  • Juried Art Show
  • Winter's Gift
  • Summer Art & Gift
  • Juried 6 Word Photo Essay Contest
  • Curated Themed Exhibitions.

Proposed Programming:

  • Youth Art Crawl Exhibition
  • Annual Youth Art Project
  • Outside Curator Exhibitions.

Oversee Annual Awards:

Current Awards:

  • Clerkson Award
  • Robert G. Kemp Award.

Proposed Awards:

  • Youth Award.

3) Revenue Development Committee Focuses:

Develop and coordinate revenue generating opportunities:

  • Fundraising programs (events, sponsorship opportunities and donations),
  • Granting opportunities, and
  • Earned income opportunities (gift shop, art and gallery rentals).


  • Ticketed Program events
  • Member donations
  • Signature program sponsors, Arts Vest (Business for the Arts) Training
  • Grants: Trillium, Simcoe County, Town of Collingwood, and
  • Fundraising Event


  • Annual Gala Fundraiser Event
  • Board Member Recruitment Program
  • Corporate Partnership Development, and
  • Collaborated Paint Night

4) Membership and Volunteer Development Committee Focuses:

Develop and coordinate membership programming to support:

  • Membership recruitment
  • Membership retention, and
  • Membership services

Develop and coordinate volunteer programming to support:

  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Volunteer retention, and
  • Volunteer regognition.

5) Marketing and Promotion Committee Focuses
Develop and coordinate marketing and promotion opportunities that:

  • Build awareness and understanding of BMFA
  • Support Education Programing Committee initiatives
  • Support Creative Programming Committee initiatives
  • Support Membership and Volunteer Development Committee initiatives, and
  • Support Revenue Development Committee initiatives.

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ON L9Y 1H7

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Arts Centre Hours
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Monday - Friday: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
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and Sundays 12:00 am - 3:00 pm

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