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“While walking the russet
remains of Autumn’s unique
palette, I forget the sounds
and invigorating breezes that
heralded last Spring’s arrival.

Even the warmth of July’s
Summer sun escapes me as I
wait once more for Winter’s

                   R.G. Kemp 1962

Robert G. Kemp

Robert G. Kemp was a well known and loved artist in the Georgian Triangle from the time he first built his chalet-studio in 1958 to the time of his death in 1988. From the book Robert G. Kemp’s Paintings and Drawings of Rural Ontario (published by the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts) we learn that: “It is no slight to be labeled a regional artist. Some of the finest painters of all time have stayed in their own backyards and made detailed studies of the changes in light and changes in the seasons: Kemp’s 25 year love affair with the people and landscapes of this area continues on today with the legacy of the Robert G. Kemp Arts Award.

About the Award

The Robert G. Kemp award was created by the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts in recognition of Kemp’s special contribution to the communities that surround Blue Mountain. The $5,000 Award is intended to provide encouragement or recognition for artistic development and is open to any individual or group residing in the Georgian Triangle whose project will provide a benefit to the community.

Award Winners:

1990 Willi Wildman
1991 Jody Geddes
1992 Christopher Ralph
1993 Jerry Prager
1994 Celebration Children’s Choir
1995 Jennifer Nichols
1996 Rachel Prince
1997 L.E. Shore Library
1998 Not Awarded
1999 Fleetwood Dance Centre
2000 Jane Cooper-Wilson
2001 Friends of the Mad River
2002 Samantha Gorrie
2003 ARTWORK Group
2004 Kerry Garvey/John McIntyre
2005 Not Awarded
2006 Jason MacLaren
2007 Keli-Ann Pye Beshara
2008 Not Awarded
2009 Edward Seh Taylor
2010 Madeline Haney
2011 Store 54
2012 Ayrlie MacEachern
2013 Gaslight Tours
2014 Sara Sniderhan
2015 Julia White
2016 Collingwood Art Crawl
2017 Magic of Children in Arts
2018 Shipyard Kitchen Party

To provide encouragement and/or recognition of artistic development to a resident of the South Georgian Bay Area

Any individual or group residing in the South Georgian Bay area (Collingwood, Creemore, Meaford, Stayner, Thornbury, The Town of Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach, Clearview, and Grey Highlands.)

Award Amount: $ 5,000

Application Deadline: June 12th, 5 pm

Where to Apply: Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts 65 Simcoe St, Studio 4, Collingwood

Method of Selection: a committee of present and former Directors of the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts will evaluate the project proposals based on the following criteria:
• Artistic Background of the Applicant
• Artistic Merit of the Project
• Benefit to the Georgian Triangle Community
• Originality

The successful candidate will be notified in writing within one month of the Award closing date at which time they will be given the award monies. The winner will also be acknowledged at the BMFA Annual General Meeting. Award winners must submit a written report upon completion of their project.

Application Form:


Address: _________________________________________

Telephone: _______________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________

Website (if applicable): _________________________________

1. How long have you lived in Southern Georgian Bay? ___________________

2. What field of artistic activity do you wish to address in this project?



Please submit the following, along with this form:
1. Your proposal under the following headings, on separate pages, describing:
    a. Nature of Work
    b. Aims and Objectives
    c. Educational Element
    d. Originality of Project

2. A Project Budget

3. A Letter of Recommendation from a recognized artist in the artistic activity you wish to address, describing your background, knowledge and merits relative to the project proposal.

4. A Biography and/or CV

Submit to: The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts 65 Simcoe St., Studio 4, Collingwood, L9Y 1H7
Email: 705-445-3430