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Pam McCowan

I have been teaching, creating and promoting art for over 35 years, starting with establishing the visual art programme at my high school. This led to developing a repertoire of art skills and student projects involving certain favourites like portraiture, cartooning, pastel, oil and watercolour painting, photography, sculpture, and illustration. Iíve taught classes of all ages and abilities here, and abroad. Having retired from teaching in the Ontario public system, what was once a weekend indulgence is now a more full-time focus in my life, with the added stimulation of living among the areaís highly accomplished artists.
My present focus is on handbuilt clay sculpture. My work is figurative in style, featuring character from historic gargoyles as well as whimsical figures expressing specific aspects of human nature. My current painting medium is oil, and my subject matter is again figurative and, steadfastly, local landscape. I have led small group workshops in my studio in both media, and have accepted many commissions.