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Heather Cook

Heather Cook is a self taught artist from Collingwood, On. where she lives with her husband and daughter. Originally heading to school to become a florist, Heather never gave up her dream to become a full time artist. After managing various flower shops for over 10 years, she finally took the leap and returned to painting. For almost two years now, she has worked hard on becoming an established artist and has seen much success with her work. It has been said that she is one of the best up and coming artists to watch for.
Heather is inspired by animals and all things nature. Painting dominantly white background draws the viewers into the subject of the painting. Heather mostly paints in acrylic but also dabbles in oil and other mediums. Accomplishments and awards: 2014 recipient of the Emerging Toronto Artist; 2016 recipient of the Murray Clerkson Artist Award; 2017 recipient of a booth for Toronto’s The Artist Project (juried process).