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David Warren

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I was five years old and back at home after attending my aunt Elsie’s wedding with my parents. Feeling totally enthralled with her beautiful dress that had these tiny pearl buttons from high on her neck right down to her toes, I felt this strong need to capture her wonderful presence on paper.

That started it all. It was 1943 ... the war years, and from that day forward I was hooked. Within days, my room was filled with drawings ... mostly of fighter planes, aircraft carriers, warships, exploding bombs etc.

Several years later, and after attending art school, I worked for the next 35 years as art director with a variety of major Toronto ad agencies.

I married my lovely wife, Ida, in 1991, and together we developed a serious interest in sailing. All of this left little time for my painting. Then in 1995, our passion for sailing led us to retire from our respective careers, sell all of our 'stuff' and go cruising. Following a serious loss on the stock market in 1997, we started a charter business in the Virgin Islands which did very well for 12 years.

Now since 2010, we've been back in Canada and I'm back to my first love...PAINTING! Although I am totally taken with the wonderful nature that surrounds us here in Georgian Bay, my subject matter varies widely.... I tend lately to focus more on the 'odd stuff'...a glass jar of Werthers carmels, a colourful Venetian mask, an old skiff sitting in its cradle in the boatyard.

My mainstay has always been watercolours, although now I am in a kind of experimental stage, doing acrylics, working on various materials...canvas, masonite, wood panels, etc. The learning really never stops...NOR SHOULD IT!