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Janice Thomson

Born in Kitchener, Ontario, Janice grew up in Toronto. She moved to London, Ontario to attend the University of Western Ontario, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Janice then returned to Toronto to work and raise her family.  Janice, her husband Tony, and children Matthew and Emma spent many summers at the family cottage in the Kawartha’s. Then, 15 years ago, Janice and Tony bought a farm in Southern Georgian Bay, near Collingwood.  Tony is a native Newfoundlander who grew up on Fogo Island. He introduced her to ‘the Rock’ over 25 years ago where they spend time in their ‘other’ home.  The magnificent landscapes of both Georgian Bay and Fogo Island are the inspirations for Janice’s work.

The rocky, watery landscapes of Georgian Bay and the Niagara Escarpment, along with the hillsides, meadows and farmer fields in Southern Ontario, fascinate and her and inspire her work.  The rocks and salty shores battered by the sea on Fogo Island have carved out forms, shapes and spectacular colours, over millions of years.  They are so unique that she just has to paint them! Janice is particularly focused on extreme weather, where clouds and sky create deep colour and distinctive moods, on the land and sea.

A contemporary, abstract landscape artist, she paints on wood panels in acrylics, using a ton of medium, paste and gels to ‘sculpt’ her work and evoke the feeling of the place that she is painting in.  She primarily uses a palette knife, with some brush work and charcoal sketching. Janice loves the fluidity of the palette knife with so much medium to move the paint around the canvas.  She loves building the layers and colours on the boards while letting the background and previous layers show through  Her work has often been confused with oil paintings due to the texture and light that show through the build-up of paint and medium.  To this day she still enjoys watercolour painting en plein air and photography as a way to capture the moments and the lighting; then using them both as a framework in her studio for developing her work.

Shows & Exhibitions

‘Artists 9’ Exhibition at Hanks - Toronto, 2015

Avenue Road Arts School Exhibit - Spazio Dell’Arte
Gallery - Toronto, 2015, 2016

BMFA Juried Art Show - Collingwood, 2018

BMFA Members Show - Collingwood, 2019, 2018,
2017, 2016

Arts and Minds Canada Show & Auction - Toronto,
2019, 2018, 2017

Inaugural Fogo Island Arts Weekend - Fogo Island, 2019

tidalArt studio - Fogo Island, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

March Fifteen Private Exhibition - Toronto, 2018

Pamper Me Day Spa - Collingwood, 2019, 2018

Baker Tilly - Collingwood, 2019, 2018, 2017

Collingwood Medical Centre - Collingwood, 2019, 2018

Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts - Collingwood, 2019, 2018, 2017

Artist's Statement

Nature is essential for my wel l-being and for my creativity. I take so many mental notes everyday that combine to make my paintings an expression of the environment around me. Forest, ocean, field, lakes and skies of all types create inspiration in all the seasons. Winter is a personal favourite of mine as the colours in the sky and frost and snow are just incredible.

My paintings come to life inspired by these special wonders of nature. A student of texture, I especially love building colours and sculpting the paint and mediums to create not just a visual feel , but a textural feel as well . My paintings tend to evolve as the layers get added. I try and expose parts of the layers as I work so that you can see the development of the landscape over time.

Light and shadow in the sky, especially, winter sky, brings so many opportunities for the development of shapes and texture. I am more intrigued with monochromatic colour palates and create those colours from the amazing light in the snow and sky. It lends itself well to the palate knives I use when combining paint, pastes and gels. And let's face it, it's just so darn fun to play with paint!

Sketching landscapes in penci l and India ink, I can map out colour with water colours on these sketches and keep them for future larger textured paintings. They are playful and loose to capture the essence of the place without being too detailed and fussy.

Living and working in two wonderful parts of our country, the Georgian Bay area in Ontario where rocks and water meet mountains and farmers' fields. Or on Fogo Island in Newfoundland, where rocks and sea collide in a rugged and wild landscape. I am blessed to be living in these beautiful places, where the landscape compels me to draw inspiration from its bounty in every season.