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Robert Pointer


Robert Pointer is a Canadian artist, educator, luthier, musician, and web designer working in central Ontario. His artwork has been in exhibition since the 1970's. He primarily creates intimate paintings in acrylic on canvas. He retired in 2014 after teaching art and music at the middle school level for over 25 years.

He continues to teach art privately and on short contract through the Wildwood Studio, on short term contract with Peel District School Board, and the King Museum.

He says, "My recent work focuses on the shapes, forms, and colours found in my surroundings. I use the foundations of visual art to render them in timeless compositions. I work en plein air and in the studio seeking harmonious balance, clarity of form, and a spontaneity in the application of paint."

Photography:   Flickr
Video:              YouTube


Blue Bird

Red Hen

Old Tree


     Nobody Here But Us Hens