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Pam McCowan

I have been teaching, creating and promoting art for over 35 years. In Ontario and overseas, I have taken part in several art shows, showcasing my students’ work, or my own. Since retirement what was once a weekend indulgence is now a more full-time focus in my life, with the added luxury of living in my community of highly accomplished artists.

I have participated in many local art venues, the main ones centering around Owen Sound, Collingwood, Guelph, Southampton, Keppelcroft Gardens and the Parry Sound region. In the past, many of my paintings and sculptures showed and sold in Dubai.

Currently my clay sculpture has featured gargoyles, or grotesques, as well as forms influenced by ancient artifacts and contemporary figures evoking modern commentary. These are finished and treated so that they may be placed outside, although I recommend bringing them in for the winter!

My oil and pastel paintings have, and will continue to be, compositions dedicated to landscapes focusing on the characteristic landforms of rural Ontario and the Canadian Shield. Past and present sales have been through associations including the Bruce Peninsula Artists’ Co-op, The Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, The Blue Mountain Association for the Arts, Wellington County Art Gallery, Artists Around the Sound, The Dubai Art Centre and School, and the Southampton Centre for the Arts.