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Barbara Kendrick

Barbara Kendrick is an original printmaker and painter who takes her inspiration from nature and its hidden treasures. Texture is an integral part of her work both in painting and print. She creates paintings in oils, acrylic and mixed media and her original printmaking focuses on Collagraph and Drypoint techniques. Dividing her time between the shores of the Nottawasaga Bay and the northern shores of Georgian Bay, her work is deeply influenced by the volatility of nature. Her abstract landscapes focus on the experience of nature as opposed to a specific location. Her printmaking explores the often hidden details of our Canadian landscape, providing the viewer with an intimate view of textures and found or dislocated objects that are often overlooked.


Acrylic on Canvas, 16" x 16", Title “Caught in the Squall”, 

Collagraph, 1/1 Original printmaking,  22" x 30"