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M.J. Jones

M.J. has been drawing and painting all her life. She studied Fine Art Studio at U of T and has taken numerous related courses. As an educator, she taught art in elementary and secondary school, developed courses in watercolor and creativity for the gifted program, and exhibited in staff art shows and fundraisers.

Since retiring in 2007, she has been painting fulltime, working in watercolor and acrylic. She has been fortunate to sell many of her pieces and currently has a body of work that demonstrates growth in form and function which is evident on her website, Her current directions are developing figurative pieces whose imagery can readily be connected to the viewer’s reality, capturing the local landscape, including the mountain, and completing commission work. As well, she enjoys painting on barnwood, fixing the piece to the texture of the wood.

M.J. has participated in a good number of BMFA shows and the Blue Mountain Tour of the Arts. She facilitates an art exhibit partnership at the Peak Radio Station and is interviewed regularly on the Talk of the Town Program. Other media exposure includes the local Rogers cable TV station and the Collingwood Enterprise-Bulletin. She has work hanging in a number of locations in the Collingwood area including the Loft Gallery, Timberwinds Rustic Interiors, Iwa Spa and the Collingwood Brewery. In addition to creating art she has made contributions to the local arts community by her BMFA Studio Tour Committee work and the development of a partnership between the Peak FM and the BMFA. In 2012, she was featured in the Rotary Art Calendar and the cover of the Triangle Humane Society Coupon book.



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