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Victoria Huntley

I am a landscape artist who uses oil. Although I am largely a self taught artist, I have benefited from the assistance of some very fine artists including Tom Campbell, John Leonard, John Anderson and Brian Buckrell. The paintings I create are largely based on my photographs. I enjoy the entire process from observing the landscape, to taking photos, to perceiving the composition and transforming it with brush strokes to become a piece of art. I have been told I have a good eye for colour. My use of bold colours has been the feature that has drawn the most favourable comments from patrons of galleries where my paintings have been exhibited. Each painting I create requires dedication and hard work. I like facing challenges and the feeling of satisfaction I get by overcoming obstacles in my path. For that reason, all of my paintings are one of a kind.

I have had a few things happening with my art recently that I thought I should update you about. I sold 7 paintings at the Square foot show at the Loft Gallery in Clarksburg (all on the opening night). I displayed 8 of my painting at a galley in Toronto called Gallery 1313, It is located at 1313 Queen Street West. This show took place between Dec 7th and Dec 18th.





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