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Shirra Harris

Cityscape, 24" x 48", oil on canvas

Art By Shirra Harris

I would describe my painting to be abstract realism. Generally, I am painting to create visual energy for a room or setting. With a background in hiking and horseback riding, many of my paintings incorporate these subject matters.

Painting started at a very young age for me; having a passion for doodling and drawing figures of mermaids. Once I started horseback riding lessons, I became fixated with the equine species; they began to dominate my paintings because of my strong admiration of the athlete.

Motherhood has created some changes in my subject matter and technique. Being a mother of two young children and going for walks or hiking daily, I became captivated with my local town of Collingwood. I have discovered a new interest in the beautiful landscapes; finding inspiration in the wildlife and nature here and in the surrounding Georgian Triangle area.

As far as technique goes, I am giving more attention to detail now compared to my earlier years.

Maturity has played a strong role in the decision to return to the artist platform and pursue my passion for painting. Currently, it is an outlet for me in my coveted “spare time”; painting while I listen to classical music by works from some of my favorite artists - Bach, Tchaikovsky and Beethoven.

I have always had a strong connection to the works by Vincent Van Gogh. My artistic eye loves defined line, balance and movement, so naturally I am inspired by his famous works of art.


Horse in a Field, 48" x48", oil on board

Wyndblough Farms, 18" x 24", oil on canvas

Terminal Shipyards, 28"x 25", oil on wood