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Jeanne D'Arc Gaudet

Canadian artist Jeanne d’Arc Gaudet was born and raised in the small farming community of St. Denis, Saskatchewan. Having ventured to other provinces, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan prior to moving to Ontario, it was time for another adventure. Here she has settled and is now able to create what she loves, beautiful passionate art.

Jeanne d’Arc has always had a passion for art, but was only able to pursue her love of painting once her children left the nest. Although she has worked with acrylics and water colours, Jeanne d’Arc still prefers to work with oils. “Oil has a smooth flowing ability and I enjoy the pure pigmentation in the oils which allows the paintings to come alive. I often get asked how do I get the softness reflected in my paintings. For me it is learning to handle your brush as if you were applying a butterfly kiss; gentle, almost not touching but still creating.”

Jeanne d’Arc’s paintings have received awards and hang in various private collections in Canada, US and Europe.



Ice Cream, a Summer Treat