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Susan Eck

Susan E. Eck is a professional fine art painter, songwriter, and composer. She expresses her imagination, artistry in her original Ash paintings. Her paintings explore spirituality, light, balance and at times her personal visions of nature’s mystification. They can appear at once to be the most exquisite displays of natural wonderment, or they can be surreal revelations that only a mind’s eye as imaginative as Susan can hope to conjure. Susan’s talent as a colourist permits her to employ a measureless array of tones that mingle with one another constantly across the picture plane. These paintings are thoroughly organic in their colours’ mobility, in their indefinite resemblance to Earthly phenomena, and in their enigmatic surface texture.

To view or purchase Susan E. Eck paintings please visit her web site or email for an appointment to view her current paintings. Please call ahead.



Phone: 705 539-0200


Currents of Blue (Diptych), oil on canvas.  Size per canvas:  18” x 24”


Pearl White, acrylic mixed media: 40” x 40”

Mindfulness, oil on canvas: 30” x 40”